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"Big Love was always going to be interesting TV, but what makes it first-rate drama is how confidently it moves past exoticism to the ordinary universals of family life. The big in the title, it turns out, refers to the expansiveness, not the number, of the Henricksons' commitments. You can analyze their intramarital alliances or disagree with their way of life, but you are never invited to laugh at them or doubt their sincerity. Right, wrong or just weird, they're a family, trying their hardest."


HBO's "Big Love" probes the polygamists next door. It's family values of the provocative kind.

At first, Tripplehorn had trouble relating to her character and understanding the nuances of the relationships, she said. "Up to that point, I had never given polygamy a thought." Eventually, she realized it is a sisterhood. "Barb has to look at Nicki and Margene as co-wives. It all boiled down to the essence of family," she said. "They are family, and when push comes to shove they are going to be by each other's side, possibly for eternity, I don't know."


A marriage of many?

Is gay marriage a slippery slope toward legal polygamy, or are conservative warnings a red herring?

“If you’re slipping down that slippery slope, polygamous marriages should come before gay marriage because they more closely resemble traditional marriage,”

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