Criminalizing polygamy is unwise


Criminalizing polygamy is unwise
Michael Kocheff Jan 14, 2009

It seems that polygamists, whenever they are mentioned, provide Canadians with a great opportunity to unite and express their disgust. What’s the big deal with polygamy, though?

Before proceeding, I feel it necessary to say that I disagree with the practice entirely. I wonder, however, should laws forbidding polygamy be entrenched into our national legal system?

According to the National Post, Winston Blackmore of the Bountiful polygamist community in British Columbia is claiming that the charges of polygamy brought against him are unconstitutional. In Blackmore’s view, his religious freedoms are restricted by Canada’s polygamy laws.

Bill Paxton Interview from Canada - Great Read on Big Love


Paxton's Labour of Big Love

Kat Angus, - Published: Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bill Paxton is staring out his hotel room window in Toronto, but it doesn't seem as though he's really seeing anything outside.

That's how you can tell he's about to wax philosophical -- for the last half an hour, the Big Love star has gone from funny and self-deprecating one moment to contemplative and spiritual the next. You know you're in for a few of minutes of metaphysical rhetoric when he adopts his thousand-yard stare.

"Big Love'' is big fun for Bill Paxton - This Article has a WOW factor


by Mark Dawidziak/Plain Dealer Television Critic
Saturday January 10, 2009, 8:14 PM

Los Angeles - When HBO premiered "Big Love,'' Bill Paxton and his co-stars had tough time explaining the drama series about Bill Henrickson, a Salt Lake City native with three wives, eight children, three houses and a home improvement business. There was, said Jeanne Tripplehorn, a clear "ick factor'' to a concept build on polygamy.

But Paxton believes that the audience's view of Bill Henrickson has changed, as has his.

The Crown likely will lose polygamy case against Blackmore


Lawyers warn that religious freedom would protect multiple marriages
MICHAEL SMYTH, Canwest News Service
Published: 16 hours ago

Somewhere, right now, Winston Blackmore must be smiling.

The self-styled "Bishop of Bountiful" - Canada's most high-profile polygamist leader - is being handed a show-trial platform to prove what he's been saying for years: Taking multiple wives is a religious right and freedom, protected by the constitution.

As counter-intuitive as that might sound to people, he will have a very strong case. In fact, he will probably win, delivering the polygamist leaders in Bountiful a huge moral and legal victory.

Polygamous marriage takes prayer, thought, says Bountiful wife



CRESTON, B.C. ˜ When Jane Quinton decided she wanted to get married at the age of 18, it wasn't quite as simple as meeting the man of her dreams and settling down.

A resident of the tiny colony of Bountiful, B.C. ˜ about 500 km southwest of Calgary ˜ Quinton first had to meet with Roulon Jeffs, then the prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and get his permission to become a wife.

"At that time we more believed in church, not really placement, but we talked to the leaders of the church to make sure it was something that was agreeable for both parties," she said.

"I couldn't just go date him because he was a married man.

Polygamy and the legal wrangling that surrounds it - Excellent Article


VANCOUVER-- Winston Blackmore can seem the epitome of grace, even when facing criminal prosecution and a prison sentence of up to five years. He demonstrated this again this week, after his arrest on charges of polygamy. He was firm but pleasant with assembled reporters. He was eager to share the truth about Bountiful, at least as he sees it.

He has become expert at public relations. Mr. Blackmore handled himself adroitly in recent interviews with CNN talk-show host Larry King. He has extended to media invitations to visit his polygamous community near Creston, B.C., deep in the province's interior.

Winston Blackmore's Statement to the Press Regarding His Arrest


Since I am not going to take your questions upon advice of legal counsel, and since you all know that whether I have liked it or not I have always tried to accommodate the media, I will try to anticipate your questions in this statement.

Almost nineteen years ago we were discovered by the media. We didn't even know that we were lost. It has taken three AG's, many special prosecutors, and millions and millions of taxpayers dollars, almost nineteen years to arrive at the conclusion that Fundamentalist Mormons want to practice the fundamentals of their faith.

Arrested: Leaders of FLDS-linked Canadian polygamous sect


Launching a new attack on a beleaguered sect --- and a test of Canada's polygamy law -- authorities have charged two leaders of a small community in British Columbia with practicing polygamy.

The move comes after an investigation that has taken more than three years and raised debate over whether Canada's protections for religious freedom prohibit charges against those who practice polygamy as a religious tenet.

The men arrested Wednesday and scheduled for later release are Jim Oler, 44, and Winston Blackmore, 52, leaders of separate factions in a community known as Bountiful, just outside of Creston.


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