Brooke Adams Blog, The Plural Life, moves to a new site


Brooke Adams, the polygamy reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune, has for several years now run a blog called "The Plural Life" which has recently moved.

The new address is

Brooke's blog has been at times funny but mostly insightful and caring. As the nations only full time polygamy reporter she spends a great deal of time on the road covering the latest news. She gets attacked, on her own blog, by the anti-polygamists who would like nothing more than to see all people in plural marriages in jail. Brooke handles even that gracefully.

So this morning we here at 4TheFamily would encourage all of our readers to stop by Brooke's Plural Life blog and give her a note of thanks for a job well done.

Polygamists To Gather at Utah Legislature on Feb 12, 2009!


With the goal of letting lawmakers know they are "families, not felons," members of Utah's polygamous communities will gather at the Utah Legislature next week.

Organizers expect at least 60 fundamentalist Mormons to come to a Legislative Awareness Day on Feb. 12. They will meet with Utah officials, attend a lobbying seminar, tour the Capitol and watch the legislative process in action.

No bills target polygamy this year, but "we want to take the mystery and fear away from the process," said Mary Batchelor, executive director of Principle Voices, co-sponsor with the Principle Rights Coalition Committee.

Could Polygamy Solve the Dead Beat Dad Crisis


February 5, 9:33 PM
by Kay Ebeling, LA City Buzz Examiner

Maybe because I was a single mom for so many years, I'd see kids who had nicer clothes, better summer vacations. Those kids had fathers, mine didn't. From the moment the Beach Boys sing "God Only Knows" and Bill Barb Margene and Nicki - a spiritual glow in their eyes from years of living "the principle" - sit at a dinner table on top of the world, literally.

I Love Big Love!

Sometimes it almost feels like the whole economy, the whole society, everything would balance out better,

If only

men who could afford it,

could have more wives.

Raise the children.

Wonderful Blog on Big Love - It's the NEW WALTONS!


Near the end of the first episode of “Big Love”’s new season, Nicki (Chloe Sevigny), the second of Bill Henrickson’s three wives, stands up on the roof of her house in the middle of a block party. She’s been repairing the roof rather than joining the festivities because she feels unwanted in the neighborhood. But when a couple of the neighbor kids make off with her ladder, she can’t take it anymore and she rises up to say her piece: “All I ever wanted was to be off the compound and live a normal life and be truly free.”

Big Love Gets Renewed for Season 4!


I'm always a little jealous of people who rally around low-rated, low-wattage TV shows that ultimately manage to claw their way back for one more round. For instance, I absolutely loathe Scrubs, but damn if you fans out there aren't some lucky ducks with your eighth season and all. Be proud of yourselves! Every time I latch on to an overlooked series--Once and Again, Swingtown, The Comeback--I get my heart broken. Which is why today's news that HBO's Big Love has been renewed for a fourth season made me so giddy.

Oh Dear - Woman Trapped in Polygamists' Cult


Excellent Post in Mens News Daily

Robert Franklin
Women Trapped in Polygamists’ Cult!

2009-01-27 at 1:37 pm · Filed under blog

The only problem seems to be that no one told the women they were trapped. In fact, they seem rather content with their lives.

Apparently a sect that encourages polygamy has gotten the attention of the government of British Columbia whose officials have rushed to proclaim the women "exploited" and "trapped."

Big Love not going to be Recaped by Television Without Pity


Television Without Pity (TWoP)is a large tv forums site where much good conversation about not only Big Love, but polygamy in general, has been going on the past couple of years. As of last week Big Love has been put on PH status, for Permanent Hiatus. This is really a shame as that leaves just one board under DRAMAS for all Big Love post. Last season each episode generated hundreds, if not thousands, of posts.

If any of our members here would like to post a recap of the ten episodes this year, we could start some back and forth discussion on the show.


Bill Paxton on the New Season of Big Love - and its Biggest Fan


“Hello? Thanks for the—hang on—watch out for the mountain lions, sweetie!” Given the upward lilt at the end of his paternal warning, one gets the impression that actor Bill Paxton is joking. He’s not. Tucked away in rural America, the three-time Golden Globe nominee sounds worlds apart from the New York ad blitzkrieg promoting the third season of his hit drama Big Love, which returns to HBO this Sunday. Back in Manhattan, street-level billboards come equipped with audio jacks into which passersby are invited to stop and listen to the confessions of random strangers.


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