Polygamous fundamentalists baptized by proxy into LDS Church, researcher says



By Kristen Moulton
The Salt Lake Tribune, Updated: 06/03/2009 02:58:15 PM MDT

Prominent fundamentalist Mormons, most of whom were excommunicated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for practicing polygamy while they were alive, have been posthumously re-baptized in LDS temples, a Salt Lake City researcher says.

Helen Radkey said in a new report that she obtained church records on 20 fundamentalists -- from murderer Ervil LeBaron to Joseph Musser to Rulon Jeffs --- showing that they've been baptized and have had their plural marriages "sealed" for time and eternity by proxy LDS members, one as recently as this year.

Rethinking Monogamy in Western Canada



PhysOrg.com) -- You hear it all the time, especially in debates concerning same-sex marriage and polygamy: The biggest threat to the social order is the breakdown of monogamous marriage.

It's often assumed that this pervasive institution and its inherent values are ancient, universal, natural and unassailable. But University of Alberta historian Sarah Carter says nothing could be further from the truth, as she demonstrates in The Importance of Being Monogamous: Marriage and Nation Building in Western Canada to 1915.

Bill O'Reilly "The Factor" recognizes polygamy


Watching the Factor on Fox News Network.

Bill O'Reilly stated that if homosexuals get the right to marry, then why not plural marriage?

No one, of course, could come up with a valid argument against it.

It was an interesting show played on May 11th.


South Africa's New President to Bring All His Wives to Inauguration



Bruce Loudon | May 09, 2009
Article from: The Australian

SOUTH Africa's polygamous new president Jacob Zuma finally confronted his "which wife" dilemma last night and announced that all three, together with his 19 children and a divorced former wife, will attend his spectacular inauguration ceremony this weekend.

His decision to "bring 'em all" came as a leading Johannesburg newspaper conducted an online poll in which readers were asked whether Mr Zuma should take his "city wife or country wife" to the inauguration which will be attended by more than 5000 guests, including leaders from across the world.

Attorneys: Walther misled into issuing FLDS warrant



Texas Rangers misled Judge Barbara Walther into issuing a pair of search warrants authorizing entry onto the YFZ Ranch, attorneys claim this week in a motion asking Walther to throw out the evidence found at the polygamous compound.

The 61-page motion, filed for each of 19 charges against 10 members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints over the past two days in Schleicher County District Court, accuses Texas Rangers Lt. Brooks Long of failing to provide Walther key details that would have undermined the credibility of the initial phone call that sparked last year's raid.

Search warrants challenged



A pair of search warrants served on the Fundamentalist LDS Church's YFZ Ranch should be tossed because they were based on lies to a judge, lawyers for 10 FLDS men facing criminal charges claim.

In a phone book-sized motion to suppress filed in an Eldorado, Texas, court and made public Wednesday, the attorneys launch a full-scale attack on two law enforcement search warrants executed during last year's raid on the Utah-based polygamous sect's sprawling Texas compound.

Lawmakers Discuss FLDS Raid


On Tuseday, a legislative hearing in Austin discussed the raid on the Yearning For Zion Ranch that happened just over a year ago in West Texas.

"Given the extraordinary circumstances, I don't believe the action taken was imprudent."

That was Child Protective Service's response to what went wrong during the 2008 raid on the YFZ Ranch. CPS said it had no choice but to take the more than 400 children away from their families.

"If we could have surgically removed from the compound only those most victimized children, we certainly would have done so," said Anne Heilingenstein, commissioner of the Department of Family Public Services. "But we didn't have that choice. We were facing the aspect of organized deception."

Big Love Q & A with one of the creators, LA Times


For those who are interested, here is the link to an article that was in the LA Times, it's a Q & A with one of the creators of Big Love. It's pretty good, they talk about where Teenie was during the communion scene in the last episode. Something that really wasn't shown or explained previously. They also discuss what is to come and clarify that Roman is really dead.


Polygamy is in SK already.


I've been re-financing again and took another trip to my solicitors. The Saskachewan homestead act has effectively protected polygamy since 1981, and still does as of this very day. For all the media BS about Blackmores defense riding on allowing homosexuality the truth of the mater is that Canadian courts handle legal polygamists via common law who moved in with someone else and didn't divorce on a regular basis. There isn't an effective legal way to diferetiate Blackmore and the overwhelming number of Canadians who are polygamists via serial monogamy.

Free Association & The Moral Police


I’m amazed by all the anti polygamy “do-gooders” competing for headlines in today’s anything-goes society. Attempting to protect consenting adults from themselves is a futile exercise in social engineering. For example:

I find a woman having five children out of wedlock with five different men--none of which fulfilling their responsibility to the children--much more damaging to society than a polygamist family in a loving, committed, relationship.

With over forty million abortions on record you would think that the moral police could find something better to do than assail the constitutional right of free association. If growing numbers of society want to redefine marriage to include a same sex couple, then why should a non-abusive polygamist family be wrong?


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