Good Article on the Bountiful Polygamists


Bountiful misconceptions - Community's women not powerless, researcher says

Brian Hutchinson, National Post

McGill professor Angela Campbell says the preconceptions of Bountiful women in polygamous relationships are often skewed, and "at least some women are able to wield considerable authority in their marriages." Ian Smith, Canwest News Service Files

Polygamists Winston Blackmore and James Oler can continue to practise what they preach: Accept multiple wives, including teenage girls. Flout Canadian law.

Criminal charges laid against the two men from Bountiful were revoked this week by B. C. Supreme Court Justice Sunni Stromberg-Stein. Bail conditions were lifted, and the two are again free to do as they please.

Elissa Wall Video


Found this tonight on YouTube (amazing what you can find there)

Remember, Elissa Wall, is underage bride that Warren Jeffs performed the marriage for, and was charged and convicted of accomplice to rape (yes, for performing a marriage) (preachers everywhere watch out!)

This is the blurb that went with the video.

Canadian court quashes polygamy charges


By ROB GILLIES, Associated Press Writer Rob Gillies, Associated Press Writer – Wed Sep 23, 6:57 pm ET
TORONTO – A judge has quashed polygamy charges against two leaders of a polygamous community in western Canada.

The judge said Wednesday the province's attorney general did not have the authority to appoint a second special prosecutor to consider the cases of Winston Blackmore and James Oler after the first special prosecutor recommended against charging the two men.

Authorities arrested Blackmore and Oler, who lead rival polygamous factions in Bountiful, a town in southeastern British Columbia, in January. Blackmore was charged with marrying 20 women and Oler was accused of marrying two women.

Silvio Berlusconi's behaviour


(Monday, September 14, 2009)
Silvio Berlusconi's behaviour

Author: James A. Marples, Longview, Texas, US

The Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, may be generating news headlines by his private behaviour; but his
alleged conduct is nothing "new". Many men - especially in Italy - have sought out young, nubile female companions. The
current Mrs Berlusconi is the second wife from which Mr Berlusconi has become estranged. His first marriage was
dissolved over 20 years ago.

Marriage should not be treated merely as a sexual licence; nor should divorce be treated as an escape-hatch or a lid to
a garbage can for disposable, discardable or throwaway human interactions.

Will Polygamy be The Next Battle Ground?


Will Polygamy Be Next?
Dave Quick, Mirror Contributing Writer
Santa Monica Mirror

As I understand it, the primary legal argument for same sex marriage (and mind you I am no lawyer) is that the powers and benefits empowered by the state to individuals by marriage are in fact civil rights. All individuals in a committed relationship should have access to these civil rights regardless of sexual preference. I for one have no problem with this line of reasoning.

Utah AG's office revises guide to polygamy


By Brooke Adams, Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 08/20/2009 05:56:38 PM MDT

After months of haggling over every period, definition, connotation and allusion, the state's Safety Net Committee has released a revised guide to understanding so-called fundamentalist Mormon communities in Utah, Arizona and as far away as Missouri and Canada.

The Primer , as the booklet is known, now has a neutral tone that no longer promotes the idea that fundamentalist Mormons, many of whom practice polygamy, are "victims" of groups who experience more domestic violence or abuse than other populations, said Pat Merkley, Safety Net Committee director.

"I think we have produced the best dialogue we possibly could," Merkley said. "It is a true consensus."

Winston Blackmore's Take on the Utah FLDS Lawsuits and Hearing This Week


I ran across this tonight and wanted to post it. The insight into the people, the lives, the work is pretty amazing. I love the last paragraph so i am posting that first.

I came straight home, checked my passport in and started to visit with my children. I want to make sure that I teach them to share their things, to not be bully’s, to tell the truth, and to communicate with each other. I want to make a greater effort to teach my children to not swear. I want them to tell both sides of the story, to be peacemakers, and in the immortal words of our Prophet Joseph Smith, to be honest, true, chaste, benevolent and do good to all mankind. Those Fundamentals of our faith have been lost among most fundamentalists.



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