Big Love Season 5 - This Sunday 01/16/2011


HBO's Big Love returns this Sunday for the fifth, and final, season.

Hopefully the writers turned a bit away from the cartoonish nature the characters developed last year .

Rumors have it that this is going to be a rough season for them all emotionally - Barb drinks wine (gasp) Nicki changes her style to provide a better model for her daughter and who knows where Marge will end up!

With Bill newly elected to a state senate seat, this season promises to be entertaining, if not anywhere close to reality.

Stay Tuned!!

The Big Question: What's the history of polygamy, and how serious a problem is it in Africa?


Excellent article!

The Big Question: What's the history of polygamy, and how serious a problem is it in Africa?
By Paul Vallely
Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Why are we asking this now?

Judge allows children to visit father in polygamous community


“The court received no evidence that any of the petitioner’s children, adult or minor, have suffered real harm or will suffer substantiated potential harm as a result of his belief in the practice, even though the practice is criminal,” 4th District Judge James Brady wrote in a Wednesday decision.

By lindsay whitehurst

The Salt Lake Tribune
Published Dec 18, 2010 12:00PM

A judge has reversed a custody order barring a Juab County man from talking to his children about his religious belief in plural marriage and taking his children to the largely polygamous community he lives in.

Abuse not unique to polygamy, B.C. court told


The abuses so often cited by opponents of polygamy — sexual abuse, subjugation, conflict — are certainly not unique to multiple marriage, an expert testified Wednesday at a landmark B.C. court case examining Canada's ban on the practice.

Those abuses are found in all forms of marriage, not only those with multiple wives, said Todd Shackelford of Oakland University in southeastern Michigan, an evolutionary psychologist whose work focuses on male aggression within marriage.

Shackelford was called to refute testimony that polygamy inevitably leads to physical and sexual abuse, the subjugation of women and conflict within polygamous families.

Amicus Curiae - Opening Statement a real good read!


B.C. polygamists 'branded as outlaws,' court hears
By Keith Fraser,

The Province

Postmedia News November 24 2010

VANCOUVER — Residents living in the controversial southeastern B.C. community of Bountiful are being "branded as outlaws," says the lawyer appointed to represent their views in a court case that could force Canada to rewrite its laws against polygamy.

Lawyer George Macintosh argued in B.C. Supreme Court Wednesday that many of the women in Bountiful, populated by a breakaway Mormon sect, entered into their multiple marriages with full consent due to a deeply and sincerely held religious belief.

Opinion: Polygamy's on trial? How about monogamy?


Opinion: Polygamy's on trial? How about monogamy?
By Pete McMartin, Vancouver Sun

I am batting .500 when it comes to marriage. I struck out in my first time at bat, and was lucky enough to knock it out of the park in my second.

There is nothing remarkable about this. I have plenty of company. My present wife was divorced. Many of our friends and colleagues have divorced. So many of my children’s friends come from broken homes that my children, who have known only one set of parents, are oddities among them. Three of my siblings’ marriages ended in divorce — none of them “amicably,” as they say in Hollywood — and my parents, who were miserable together for much of their lives, should have divorced but did not. One did not do that back then. Pity.

The Day Has Come - Polygamy is in Court!


A clip from the Vancouver Sun News Paper. November 18, 2010 9:42 AM

Video: Polygamy Laws — Is polygamy legal or illegal in Canada?
The Supreme Court of B.C. will decide whether polygamy is legal or illegal. Columnist Daphne Bramham and editor Fazil Mihlar discuss the issue.


Start Monday, 22 Nov. 2010


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