Sister Wives Season 2 Premier and Twitter - Why is it Trending?


An interesting thing has happened this evening which I didn't expect.... Sister Wives is trending on Twitter. For those who are not avid twitter users, or users at all, trending is pretty dang impressive. Trending occurs when enough people are tweeting about a subject that it becomes a topic for all who log on so there has been an awful lot of feedback tonight.

While some is negative, and pretty negative at that, some is surprisingly positive. And with all things controversial, when people stand up for it, others are shooting them down which is being played out in the microcosm of Twitter tonight.

Example of a positive tweet
#SisterWives was so good tonight! I love their family :)

Good Blog Post on TLC's Sister Wives


This blog post was kind of cute regarding Kody's family and TLC's Sister Wives. She makes points I guess most women think about. Funny thing... 10 years ago there would have never been this type of "water cooler" conversation going on about polygamy. Seems like "pligs" are getting less and less scary everyday! Pop over to her blog and leave a comment.

To watch TLC's show Sister Wives is to fall in love with the idea of polygamy. If you are in the least bit open minded, this family where all these women help and love one another seems pretty idyllic.

This Sunday Could Be Polygamy Day


This Sunday, 03-13-2011 and next Sunday, 03-21-2011 is a day full of TV polygamy.

As Big Love wraps up it's final two episodes of Season 5 and the series, the Kody Brown family of TLC Sister Wives debuts for their season 2.

Check your local programing for Big Love on HBO and Sister Wives on TLC.

The TLC Website has 24 exclusive clips up - look below the main video window on the left.

Enjoy Your Sunday of Multiple Wives!

Interesting New Book Out - Modern Polygamy in the United States


This book touches on everything from the raids in Texas of the FLDS to Big Love and the AUB!

Book: Mormon polygamy increasingly modern and diverse

Richard Cimino
9 Mar 2011

The 2008 government raid on a community of fundamentalist Mormon polygamists in Texas not only brought the unusual phenomenon of polygamy before the American public, but also generated a new kind of activism and other changes in practices among these isolated religious communities, according to a new book.

A judge has approved the use of TV cameras


A judge has approved the use of TV cameras and web cameras to cover the final arguments of the polygamy trial.

On Monday, a lawyer for CBC and Global BC appeared in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver and argued that there was a strong public interest in the case.

Dan Burnett told B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman that most of the parties in the case were consenting to cameras and only one or two were taking no position.

The judge called it an “exceptional case” and agreed to allow the cameras but asked that there be a 10 to 15 minute delay in broadcast to provide what he called a safety net.

Court heard that there will likely be two TV cameras and two smaller web cameras. The cameras are expected to be focused on the judge and the lawyer making the arguments.

Bones does Polygamy and Not Real Well


The Fox show "Bones" covered polygamy tonight. As Bones and Booth sat in the car laughing about the dead polygamist guy, it is pretty clear, gee, polygamists are not worth much.

At least it was not one of the three wives that did the plig in, but alas, the father-in-law decided to end his life.


There was one scene where Bones tries to explain to Booth that yup, polygamy is in both the Old and NEW Testament. Booth did not take to that too awful well. And in the end, Booth was right,according to Bones, you can love only one the most. Add to that, the wives were just pretending to be happy, because, apparently, no one can be happy as a sisterwife. Done.

Utah woman defends polygamy in B.C. court - (good history lesson here)


There is much history and insight in this article. First off, a brief glimpse into the founding of Tapestry Against Polygamy - read closely :)

Second - the backstory: Anti-Polygamists from the USA were asked to testify in the Canadian trial, and only, as it was almost too late, were pro-polygamists invited. A Big Thanks needs to go out to Mary and Principle Voices for their continued perseverance.

Mary Batchelor is a former polygamist wife who has formed a group which educates others about polygamy. She is a witness in the polygamy trial currently underway at B.C. Supreme Court.


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