NEW Polygamy Show: Need a Cast

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NEW Polygamy Show: Need a Cast


My name is Brian and I am a reality TV producer. There is a network wanting us to film a new show based on happy families that practice Polygamy. I honestly wasn't sure where to look, so I decided to join the 4TheFamily forum and just come out and ask. I hope its okay that I'm doing this. If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them right here in this forum or if they are private questions, you can hit me privately as well.

Below is the casting call for the show. We would like to begin filming in the next five weeks. Each family involved will be compensated $4k per episode, which is nice. If the ratings are good, the families can renegotiate for the next seasons. We normally run 13 episodes per season. I hope this finds everyone well. Thanks, - Brian

Casting Notice
Local Production Company is seeking polygamist families interested in being in reality TV. We are interested in your story and your life. Selected families will be compensated. Please send a description of your family to . Include a list of household members and a little bit about each one. Include all contact information in your email.

We look forward to hearing your story.


- Brian
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we live in colorado and are looking for a second wife....are you looking for people in our position?

We live in Western


We live in Western Washington and are looking for a second or more wives. Would we interest you?