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Not really a suggestion per se... more of something to think about in light of possible suggestions..

Watching the stats on the left of the window, it seems normal to have about 10 times more people as "guests" than members, and about 3 times more members online than in chat.

That seems to put the bulk of the influence of this website into the forums with non-participating guests as opposed to members by 10 to 1, with what is written the forums reaching 30 times more people than what happens in the chat room.

Then compound that by time, meaning the chat room is only a moment in time involving only the ones currently in the chat room, where forum writings will involved many times more than 30 times more people because they are live apparently for years. So the math would be staggering... that a forum message would be read by perhaps hundreds of X more people than anything else. Thats amazing!

Nothing against the chat room! it is always a great core social gathering place for "regulars" and new members". Its just amazing to consider the comparative "reach" of a forum message, for better or for worse.

Food for thought.