Never Send People Money

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Never Send People Money

I feel like stating the obvious today! $eriously, unless you're buying something from a trusted vendor, or sending money to a relative, don't ever send money to anyone who asks for it on this site. Period.
If you do, it's completely and utterly your responsibility if you get ripped off. ~4thefam



Please remove Ama000. A scammer who comes by every so often. I've dealt with him before. Thanks! 

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Happily married to two beautiful women


I am not looking, I am happy of what I have. That is my two wives Missie and Danielle. I just want to meet other polygamist's and get to know them better. And maybe get together and have a picnic. This should be legalized in all 50 states.

Mr. Donald, Missie and Danielle Dahl

The Dahl Residence.

(Married to Two beautiful women)