Lessening the personal attacks here

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Lessening the personal attacks here

A suggestion about something I noticed on another polygamy forum system. This website is, at present, uninviting to newcomers due to the personal attacks, name calling, harsh language by a few individuals. Quite a few are put off bad this behavior and leave. It creates a bad witness of those who practice polygamy. What the other system seems to have done to prevent this is to create a set of debate forums. These forums are readable by anyone, but only writable by approved posters. If an individual violates the tone of debate, they are locked from writing. Then all the "touchy" subjects are allowed only in the debate section. This keeps the bulk of the forums safe for newcomers and free of the childishness seen here. I strongly suspect the membership here would grow dramatically, and by membership I mean those that sign up and stay longer as opposed to leaving soon because of an attack or the tone of a few.

Disagreeing without being Disagreeable


Hi Dave

For now, i am not going to change the way the forums works. I am going to ask folks to try and disagree without being disagreeable.

We have a few posters who can't seem to get that idea and I will message them.

I appreciate your care and concern for the site. It makes me sad to see childish behavior that I see here on occasion. We should have the common goal of learning about and living plural marriage, yet we seem to be throwing scripture at each other like bricks.

We did make a forum called Endless Debate and Whining, and when necessary I move things to that forum. Hopefull's post is getting close to that stage because apparently, everyone has to be right.

re disagreement


good point Dave.