stuffed steak

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stuffed steak

Stuffed Steak

I have been making this for 40 yrs, everyone likes it, its delicous, enjoy

round steak, pounded
one stovetop stuffing, or can make your own
1 can tomato soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup

pound steak with tenderizer, cook the stovetop,according to package directions, spread the stuffing one the pounded steak, roll up, mix the two soups together, do not add milk or water, pour over the rolled steak and cover

Bake * 350 for 1 hr

we use the sauce the soups make to put on top of mashed potatoes

This is absolutely delicious


This is absolutely delicious – thank you for posting Frannie.

See Indiana_Couple

, Jacki


Thank you Jacki, I am glad you and Charlie liked it

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