Novel of Equatorial Guinean minister of culture published in China

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Novel of Equatorial Guinean minister of culture published in China

Equatorial Guinean Cultural and Tourism Minister Guillermina Mokuy said on Wednesday she is very happy her third novel Three Souls for One Heart was published in China with Chinese version.

Guillermina was born and grew up in Spain and came back to live in Equatorial Guinea in 2008 and became minister of culture and tourism in 2012.

Guillermina told Xinhua in an interview she hopes Chinese readers will like her book and through her book know the social life in Equatorial Guinea.

The novel Three Souls for One heart tells a family of polygamy in Equatorial Guinea, and how three wives fighting to win the heart of their common husband.

Guillermina said she is also working as a model editor for a model magazine in her spare time, and for this reason, she is writing her fourth novel about the life of a model.

Guillermine wrote two novels before she came back to Equatorial Guinea, but all the novels are showing her love of Africa.

"I am African, so I love Africa. But what I wrote is about the positive side of Africa and how the people enjoy happiness through hard working," she said.

With regards to the cooperation between Equatorial Guinea and China in the fields of culture and tourism, Guillermina said the two countries have good cooperation in these fields. "China sent cultural troupes to Equatorial Guinea last year and Equatorial Guinea sent artists to participate in Shanghai Expo in 2010," she said.

Guillermina said one Chinese company is constructing a national park in capital Malabo, the park combines the cultural elements of Equatorial Guinea and China, it is really a symbol of friendship between the two countries.

Guillermina visited China two years ago, and Chinese culture impressed her deeply.

Guillermina hopes more Chinese people will visit Equatorial Guinea and also hopes the cooperation between the two countries will be more closer in the future. Endi

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Guillermina Mekuy Mba was born in Equatorial Guinea but since her childhood has lived in Spain, where she finished her studies, graduating with a degree in Law and Political Science from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid.

In 2008 she returned to Equatorial Guinea, where currently she is Secretary of State, head of the Culture Department. At just twenty years of age she published her first novel, El llanto de la perra, which was followed by Las tres vírgenes de Santo Tomás, with which she was reaffirmed as a great writer in both the national and international literary panorama. Tres almas para un corazón, as the author describes it, is a book narrated from reflection, tolerance and sacrifice that love can become.

In the presentation Guillermina Mekuy had the support of diverse Spanish and Equatoguinean personalities, among which can be highlighted the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Spain, Narciso Ntugu; the Secretary of State of Youth and Sports, Ruslan Obiang Nsue and the General Director of Books of Spain, Rogelio Blanco Martínez.

Interview with the author (Spanish language):