New TV show featuring a growing polygamist family

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New TV show featuring a growing polygamist family

Hello All, 

I hope this message finds you well.  My name is Kate and I am with Magilla Entertainment, a TV production company in NYC.  I am reaching out to you because we are currently casting for a TLC show about expecting parents. For season 2 of our show, we are interested in showing family life and  pregnancy from many different points of view, one of those possibly being from a polygamist family. I  have included our casting notice in this thread, so please feel free to share it or contact us to learn more!


Casting Call:

NOW CASTING TLC'S RATTLED: Are you a polygamist family expecting a baby?

TLC is now casting a docu-series that tells the stories of new parents as they navigate diapers, 4 AM feedings and everything in between. We are looking for heartfelt and compelling stories about the unforgettable journey of becoming parents and would like to share the experiences of a polygamist family as they plan to welcome their first born into the world.  If you and your partner are currently expecting and want to share your story, please contact us at along with your names, ages, location, occupations, phone number, due date and a few sentences about your story.