Becoming Sister Wives Book Question

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Becoming Sister Wives Book Question

Has anyone here read the book? In the beginning of the book when Janelle is talking about her transition into a plural lifestyle she mentions that she did some reading and research on the plural lifestyle. Does anyone know what she read or how she researched? It is not something that is easly accessed. Most books are very antipolygamy. And then some are very vage and not really interesting.

So in other words...can anyone point me to a book or documentary that is pro polygamy but is interesting and educational.

Book Suggestion


Women of Principle: Female Networking in Contemporary Mormon Polygyny by Janet Bennion may be of interest to you. It is a scholarly text published in 1998; Bennion is a professor of anthropology and sociology. She conducted qualitative research with members of an Apostolic Brethren Community in Montana. It is a pretty interesting read and looks at women's lives specifically. Hope this helps!