Polygamy in UK, some questions and facts

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Polygamy in UK, some questions and facts

Hey guys,

I'm 420, from London. Wanted to ask a few questions.

Suppose I went to latin America and met a few wives, and we had children, would it be possible to get citizenship for children born to different mothers? Is this illegal? Also, the average salary is £20 a month in some parts of South America, could I apply for child benefits without taking kids back to the UK, and therefore get a monthly salary paid out, regularly, without having to work?

Also, could I change my residency to a country where polygamy is legal, say, Guinea Bissau, get married there, and give my marriage certificate to the UK gov, without being arrested?

Thank you guys

Child Benefits abroad


I'd be careful with that. My understanding is that the default position of Child Benefits is that they are paid to the mother. Payment only goes to the father if the mother specifies that this be done. So the mothers of your children would need to be qualified on their own account to be in receipt of those benefits. 

There have been stories of east Europeans living and working in the UK for a time, then returning to their home country and receiving UK child benefits there. However, I believe the government wants to put an end to that. (If they haven't done so already). The situation will change anyway when our departure from the EU is complete, in a couple of years.

Here's something to look at:


Probably the best plan would be to make your own private arrangements in the UK (I'm assuming you live here) with women who are entitled to live here.  Arrange a ceremony of blessing for your women, but don't legalise it.

I know someone who has been in contact with young women in Greece. Getting them into the UK would be straightforward enough, once funds can be raised. However, when our exit from the EU is comp[lete, Heaven knows what their status would be then. There has been talk of EU citizens who are already resident in the UK being allowed to stay, but nohting is certain as yet.

Good luck! Let us know what you decide, and how you get on.


PS: Just occurred to me. Universal Credit is being rolled out across the UK. It replaces six benefits (under the old system). Child tax credit is one of the ones which are due to disappear into Uiversal Credit.

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