We are a Christian homesteader family who seeks a submissive bi Christian wife

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We are a Christian homesteader family who seeks a submissive bi Christian wife

We are a loving Christian homesteader family who seeks a submissive Christian wife who knows that women married to the same man are also one flesh with each other and who feels the need for intimacy with both a Husband and a sister wife. He is an old fashioned wolfish rural outdoorsy homesteader type and she is a sweet loving bisexual Asian small business operator and housewife. We have anabaptist purely Biblical Christian faith and we live in a mix of native American and Asian cultures. We are homebodies who like to make our home and the surrounding woods a wonderful place and bring all we need into it, rather than having to go out into the crazy world much to find fun. We are done with our big adventures and now only like our adventure in small doses. We prefer a simple happy steady existence that doesn't change much but rather goes in repeating happy cycles. We are hoping to find an outdoorsy homebody bisexual submissive Christian woman who is aware that we are in the end times and that the world is full of lies and conspiracies and is interested in homesteading, self sufficiency, survival preparedness, nature, the forest, kindness to animals, children, quiverfull, inalienable Rights, natural medicine, Charity, Native American, Asian and Celtic cultures and aesthetics, a large happy and healthy family, truth and of course the love and worship of our LORD and CREATOR JESUS CHRIST. We don't settle for mediocrity or disloyalty and we won't have fighting or arguments in our family. The way we achieve that is by living according to GOD's natural order, The Husband is the head of the family, it is not a democracy, what he decides goes, then the first wife is in charge of the second and so forth, the minor children obey all their adult parents and everyone is respectful, polite, loving, exclusive to the family and loyal. We are looking for a woman who is a 'just right' and compatible fit for us and is equally looking for us and thinks that we are 'just right' compatible fit for herself. We intend this to be for life and beyond, and we do not believe in divorce, so we are willing to wait until GOD's good time to receive the completion of our family circle. If HIS time is soon, then we will get to know our prospective spouse thoroughly and them us, while we prepare for her arrival, and when she does arrive we will spend some time platonicly living together to see how we fit together before we make the big commitment of marriage. If you are a woman whose heart burns with a feeling of "home" as she reads this, then maybe you are our missing piece, feel free to introduce yourself and begin a dialogue, hit or miss it is nice to get to know other Christian polygamists and if we aren't the perfect match for each other, then perhaps one of our polygamist friends may be the right ones. Thank you for reading this post and may you be with GOD and please and be blessed by HIM always.

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