In the UK and looking for my match

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In the UK and looking for my match


Hi,  I am a single woman in my forties, praying and looking for my match in life. Educated to Degree level, working in a career that I have allowed to be my life's entirity in order not to risk getting hurt ( I am aware that it has stopped me knowing true happiness and fulfilment too - well finally I did :-))     I am not sure who my match is, but i do know it is a poly situation within the christian faith.  I am in the UK, so I know that makes it harder, I am dual citizen of Germany and England, originally born in Germany to a poly situation, so am aware of that it can sometimes be hard but have now finally come to acknowledge how absolutely awesome it can be with the right people.    Please be aware that I am not bi, I do not judge those that are and seeking that, but I am not.




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Welcome to the site!


An interest in polygyny is the one common denominator here, and occasionally someone is here for something else called polygamy, that clearly involves some less biblical dynamic.
I hope this site helps you in your journey, and you find what you seek.

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We are a couple, married for thireteen years.  We have four beautiful children, but as the Bible says children are a blessing and we would like to expand our family.  We have lots of love to give.  We are Christian, and hope to find a wonderful Christian or Jewish sisterwife.  I am not bisexual, and seek heterosexual female with intentions of intimacy with our husband only.  Thank you, and GOD bless

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Hi UK did you ever think of going to Florida for vacation.


Vacation in Florida and enjoy our company and see if you like the USA lifestyle of being pampered.
West Palm Beach is the worlds vacation location and a great place to live. Ric


Oh to have a UK Sister wife........


Hi,  What career are you in, would be good to have another Brit in the home, someone who gets our sense of humour!  Established couple, done with child bearing, but not with family life and looking for the one He has made especially for us and us for her - please get in touch - Anne