Trying one more time

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Trying one more time

Seeking second wife

I don't like to post ads. I do not feel like I am good with words. But here goes. I am white and my wife is Korean. We have been married 17 years. My wife came to me about Polygamy. We have 2 children aged 15 and 10. I am a truck driver and my wife is a supervisor for a cable company. I am 60 years young and my wife is 36. We are born again Christians but are spiritual not religious. We are both licensed ministers but we shun the organized church world. We are seeking a woman that is first and foremost a Christian. We are not interested in a Bisexual women in the least. We desire someone that wants a closer walk with God. We believe the husband is the head and the wife is to be in submission to her husband. That being said we desire someone that will sit down and all of us discuss anything that affects the family and to try and come to a consensus. I believe this is the way God would have a home to be. The wife or wives is/are a help meet to her/their husband and he is a fool if he shuns her wisdom and input.

Prayer is important to me and I would like another wife that will join in prayer every night. My wife is into rock climbing and physical fitness the woman that joins our family needs to at least be into physical fitness so they can work out together. My wife has turned our garage into a mini gym. I would be willing to share more about my wife in email exchange.

I am into electronics like cell phones and computers. I take my walk with God serious and desire to ever draw closer and I want another wife that desires the same things. I am really into music of most genres and I enjoy dancing. Really would love to learn ballroom dancing. Like I said I am not good at turning thoughts into written words. If there is anything you wish to know please email me and ask. At some point you will have to get to know my wife. Please do not be crass and try to talk to me about the sex life of my wife and I and don't attempt to try and talk about how our sex life will be. Please feel free to email me at.