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try a little research

I agree some ads are very apealing, but how truthful is this person behind the ad when they use someone elses photo instead of their own, and uses words and descriptions of what they know most on here are looking for, "I'm humble, I will follow, patriarchy, want a guiverful, I'm submissive, faithful, the household unwaveringly follows the man". A few of you seem to just look at the photo and hear certain words in the ad without accualy doing some research, If you would do your homework you would get an idea if this person is real or not.

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Most people do not write much


at all on this site or any others when it comes to descriptions. Woman are generally better about putting at least a bare snippet of information but still not particularly good. I have advocated previously for writing a good deal more so as to give potential suitors some vague chance of determining whether or not this person is someone who catches your interest. If there is no real information then you really can not form much of a positive image if any image at all. In fact it was discussing this topic where I met my new wife so as you can imagine it is one near to my heart.

I have seen what you are refering to with respect to reading what one wants to hear into a profile just based on certain words. Then again I have also seen lots of simply delusion level wishful thinking as well in this area, up to and including attempting to convince woman who are in a family that they should move to a different family.

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From what I've seen


in 17 years on these sites... the VAST majority of "single females" on these sites are outright fakes or game players with virtually no actual profile at all. And why bother? Couples will respond like desperate puppy dogs to 6 year old dead posts from a non existent member. The few real profiles are from delusional females who think they will get Prince Charming (with no prenup) with a completed castle and a fairy godmother, even though they are dysfunctional jades who don't deserve any decent man

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