Single Mormon LGBTQ Woman Looking for her Exalted Family

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Single Mormon LGBTQ Woman Looking for her Exalted Family

After months of prayer and thought, I'm putting myself out there.  I find this very foreign to me and frightening at the same time.  

I am not a spring chicken who can give a family children.  I am a mature, but nurturing person born and raised in the covenant who is sincerely looking for her eternal family.  I am a down-to-earth woman living in Southern California, but very willing to relocate for my eternal salvation with a beautiful family that would welcome me.  I can provide as a second sister wife, a loving embodied set of arms to a husband, sister wife and children.

I am a career woman, having worked every day in my life for my living.  I would either continue to work to contribute to the family, or I would be honored to answer my calling as a sister wife at home as well.  I am a nurturer and I find children gravitate to me as a trusted member of the family.

Could my heavenly family be waiting right here under my nose? Only our heavenly father knows.....hehehe.  I'm here, please answer my prayer.

Blessings for a beautiful rest of your week!


Ventura, CA