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single mom to polygamy

Hi there. I am kinda new to all of this. I have had one offer to be in a polyagamous relationship about 5 yrs ago but didn't take that offer because I was scared of what my family might think but now I am ready to find true happiness in polgamy family. Little about myself i am a 38 yr old single mom of a 8 yr old boy who makes life interesting lol. I am bi and have been with our women and realled enjoyed the female companionship. What I am interested in is a family with other kids around my sons age or younger or older. My son's father is not in his life and that is sad but would like to find the right man that can fill the role as his father. My son is easy to get along with. He loves playing with anything and can be quite the chatterbox. I am easy down to earth person who avoids drama and conflicts at all costs. I am not a jealous person. I love to do all sorts of things. I would like to be in a family that the sisterwife is bi. I was raised as a catholic even though Iwas baptized as a Methodist. I believe in god but also believe men and women are equals in a relationship. 

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let`s chat ,you sound a lot like what we are looking for my wife and I been married 15 yrs in october she is bi and sensual.i`m sane down to earth we both enjoy kids we have a 2 yr old girl and we would love to chat and see what the chemistry is like we are genuine loving realistic family that enjoys the outdoors motor sports music movies and anything that we can include the entire family i`m 32 shes 39.

We are a secure family that enjoy the simple things in life, we aren`t complicated very easy to get along with. We have a wonderful toddler and would like to add to our great family. A sister wife and kids everything.We are non judgmental



My husband and I are very new to this also, and, we are very interested in finding a sister wife. We have 2 kids living with us, one is 4 and the other will be 1 soon. I am bi and am very interested in your ad, bc I see that you and I are looking for alot of the same things, I think we would get along well. I am going to homeschool, and if things worked out, you could either stay home like I do or go to work while I stayed with the kids. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know and we will email :)

Hope to hear from you soon,

Would like to get to know you.


Hello from sunny Florida... my husband and I are looking to expand our family, by welcoming another wife into our lives. We have 2 children (a boy 11, and girl 9). I say "we" but in all actuality they are his from a previous marriage. I am bi curious, but have had 1 experience with a women, and liked it. I am very easy going, and to me having a best friend to share my life and husband/family with sounds really nice. I work outside the home in sales, and he owns his own business, and works both in and out of the house. We love to cook together, go the beach, bike rides, long walks, we just enjoy each others company very much. We never fight, we have calm discussions, and never cross words that hurt. We care very deeply for each other and for God, and our kids. I am unable to have children of my own, but love them very much. We live in a small harbor town in Florida, and it is very beautiful and calm lifestyle.

I hope to talk and get to know you better in the future. Diane

Diane Scholz



My husband & I have been married for almost nine years, I'm 36 & he is 42. We are best friends & are new to Polygamy. I have been talking with my husband about this for months now & feel that this is the right feeling in my heart. We have 3 children, the oldest is 18 & on her own, the middle daughter lives with her momma outta state (which breaks my husbands heart) & the boy is over every other weekend but we are hoping to change that to every other wk :) We are not looking to have anymore children if our sisterwife has children that is ok but we are both unable to make more babies. I am bi & my husband has asked if that is something I would consider with a sisterwife...I would but it is not something that would be a deal breaker for us. I am looking for the emotional connection more so than physical but I always have an open mind & heart :) We are looking for someone that can add to our lives & know that we are sincere in our hearts. I do not do drama, I don't like confrontation. I don't hold grudges & I don't live in the past, this is not so easy for my husband but he is working on it! He is a good man who loves wholeheartedly & would give you his last breath if it meant you would be ok. He is disabled/retired from the Army & I work for a home heating company. We really are home bodies, but if you mention canoeing we are so there. Badmitten, bonfires & cards are our favs. I love to read & do yard work & my husband likes anything that he can see a result from. Gotta love it when he hangs a new pic for me :) We would just like to meet a sisterwife that would love us as much as we love each other and would love you. If you are interested in talking please email us at

Are you still looking


You sound exactly perfect we are looking for a bi female with kids in her 40s we have kids about the same age. Live in the country. My life revolves around the kids. Every child loves our place. I would love to hear more from you. Good luck in your search



would like to chat

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curious if you might be interested in chatting


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I'm Heather, my husband and I are looking for someone to potentially build a relationship with. We are looking for someone for both of us to be with. I would like to learn more about you. Let's start with where you're from.

Seeking addition to our family in Georgia

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You people blow my mind


The original poster was here 6 YEARS ago and is not even a current member. It was likely a lark some woman was on, and she never came back after the post, or it was a fake, or whatever. All you had to do was look at the post carefully

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