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Seeking that special someone

As everyone else is on here, we are looking for a second wife. Safe, sane and secure - and yes we even look OFFLINE (there just really isnt a wide choice where we live because its a small town and we dislike the big towns!). 

Its hard to know what to put on here that would attract the right person. Ideally, we are looking for someone between 25-47 years old, who enjoys kids and animals, who enjoys the outdoors as well. We love hiking, fishing, camping, horseback riding, bonfires, cook outs, browsing antique shops, gold prospecting (nope, havent found really anything).. the list goes on. We also enjoy watching tv but dont usually sit all day in front of the tv. Hoping to find someone with a laid back personality as well, who loves to laugh, and enjoys one on one time with the husband as much as "girl time" with my wife (because if we dont act as a family - we arent going to last as a family). 

We have one child, but due to the fact I (the husband) am fixed, the new wife would either have to have her own children, be happy with the one we have, or be able to find an anonymous donor of her choice. The decision to get fixed came many years before we decided to open our hearts and home to another woman. I am 5'9, medium build, STD free (and plan to stay that way), we dont do drugs, dont smoke, and I may have a beer here and there but not very often. We arent very spiritual but if you are - thats ok! We support your happiness as much as we would expect you to support ours. 

If you want to know more, please ask! We live just outside of a small town in Colorado and dont get much snow (which is great). And we are smart enough to watch the catfishers - so just dont do it. We're not that gullible or desperate to find a woman. The right one will come along when its time. 



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Just wanted to drop a line and say hello and welcome to the site.  I have only been here a few months myself and came from a previous polygamy relationship.  Didnt work out too well for me the first time but has not closed my heart to the possibility.  Live and Learn and I guess.....anyway welcome.  Hope you and your wife find who you are looking for.