The New Guy on the block wishing to start a family

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The New Guy on the block wishing to start a family

Hey there everyone,

I am a single man in my 20's looking to settle down with the right lady, preferrbly right ladies who would be interested in joining my eclectic lifestyle as a nomadic world traveler. I am looking to create a large tight knit family that keeps me in check, but supports me unconditionally. My dream is to have two or three wives, no more. I believe such a relationship will be better for my family and I since the only reason I would ever consider getting married is if my wife is there 24/7 which a lot of people say is too "needy". I feel quite the opposite about this. Why would you get married to someone you can't stand being around? At the sametime I do feel that women today require more freedom within their own lives which doesn't allow them to be always available. That's where polygamy comes into play. It's better to leave a clever, loving husband at home with a woman that you trust than to leave him unattended to whatever may come. 


Besides that, I sort of consider myself a renunciate of worldly pleasure. I'm not interested in working for others and would prefer returning to an agriatarian lifestlye. Polygamous relationships are ideal to support this biblical kind of lifestyle in every way. That is why they weren't just allowed in recent history, they were prescribed. By doing so, I believe I will be able to offer more support to others in my life while being able to more freely grow in my life because of the division of labor involved in polygamous homes. All these things are what I hold dear in my life.

I hope that there are women on this website who can understand that wish and would like to get to know me better. I hope to talk others on here as well. 

nice message on your sight


i actually read everything u just wrote on your page and it was well said thats for sure. I'm a lot older than you age 37 from tennessee.. I've been searching for a long while for the "perfect" relationship but i don't think that exsists now days. good luck . where are u located? 

There never has been


Such a thing as a perfect relationship. I believe that's part of the problem today because we have been programmed to expect everything to be instant and perfect. People can work at making a relationship as close to perfect for them but they will still have to work at it to keep it working that way for them. That being said I do not understand why a single man would go on a polygamy site when most if not all of the women on the site are seeking a family to join.

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I'm convinced


After 17 years observing the scene, that many if not most people who come to these sites are delusional. It's not exclusive to polygyny, every fringe movement attracts such personas

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