A most basic, personal ad

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A most basic, personal ad

What we believe: That love allows fundamentally compatible adults who have chosen to love each other, the ability to overcome many differences and shortcomings, that are present in the ones we love.

What this personal ad is for: to inform interested parties that: 

We are a couple in our mid forties, and we have seven children and five of them are still at home. We are seeking a sister-wife(s). We live in the Midwest, but we are willing to relocate for the “right” woman.  We are open to ladies of any race. We are serious about living this lifestyle and are committed to making it work. We are not a wealthy family, but we are hard working family people. We believe that there are a lot of qualities that are more important than beauty, but we also recognize that a physical attraction is needed.

We are not looking for a perfect woman, because we are not perfect people. We are looking for someone who we can love and in return will love us. We are looking for a lady is not opposed to me having more than two wives. We are not looking for a supermodel, Mary Poppins or someone who is exactly like us, but we do want someone who shares our common goals and values.

What we are/strive to be: Christian, madly in love with each other, affectionate, open-minded, kind, honest, loyal, conservative, modest, faithful, forgiving, good natured, drawn to children, helpful, Caucasian, striving to keep ourselves healthy (we don't smoke, drink or do drugs either), willing to show the needed give and take to make plural marriage work, willing to sacrifice for each other and for YOU, willing to answer your questions, and ideally looking for someone with similar characteristics.

What we are not: Close to being perfect, hoping you will pay our way through life, wanting to play games, looking for a free babysitter, wealthy, or willing to be used for money.

What I like: My wife, playing with my children, church, the Bible, computers, reading, building things, movies, music, reading, restaurants, museums, sports, walking, bike riding, animals, looking for bargains, games and trying new things.

What my wife likes: Me, children (especially babies), birds, the Bible, walking, shopping at thrift stores and rummage sales, drawing, social media, cuddling, animals, cooking, and reading.

What we will not do: We will not judge you, criticize you, be mean or rude to you, harass you, or stop writing you without a kind explanation. 

What we will do: We will seek to be your friend, first and foremost, send you pictures, invest our time in you, communicate regularly, verify our identities, respect the boundaries you request, ask important, sensitive and hard questions in the most respectful way we can, make any necessary/appropriate sacrifices for you, say goodbye or accept your rejection in a peaceful and pleasant manner if needed, and enjoy each others company no matter if we get married or not.

What our ideal plan is: For bringing a sister-wife into our family:

  • Find someone who is looking for what I am advertising here.
  • Determine if we are fundamentally compatible and exchange pictures.
  • Start talking on the phone and/or video chat within a reasonable amount of time, or at least prove we are who we say we are, and we respectfully request the same verification in return from you.
  • All three of us become friends.
  • Make an in-person visit.
  • Date/court each other.
  • Visit us for a 7 to 14 days or take a family vacation together.
  • Get married for a lifetime.

What our email address is: steps2heaven4all@hotmail.com


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Well done.


It is refreshing to see a family articulate who they are and that which they seek. I think you will have raised your chances significantly with an advertisement that shows that you are real people searching in turn for another real person.

Good luck to you.

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Realistic and Endearing Qualitities


I truly enjoyed reading your post and gaining a clear understanding of your family and what you are looking for. Your family seems to possess realistic and endearing qualities. I truly believe that God placed us each here on this earth to be a light for one another whether its for knowlege, guidance, and inspiration, or warmth, kindness, and live found within each others embrace.  

Regardless of whether my personality intrigues you or you choose to get to know me in the future all I ask is honesty that regardless of what you think of me. 

I am not sure how to describe myself but through personal experiences and trials I have come realize that several innate truth that have never changed about myself are that no matter how hard things get, how great the trials I go through, or how much pain and suffering I have endured I continue to believe in a loving God, and I continue to possess a caring and loving nature - a nature I very much want to share with a family (husband & sister wife/s - children included always along with my own) that can and will truly love me and not judge me for my imperfections or those past trials that I have endured. Another innate truth I have come to realize about myself that I first started coming to a realization about 5 years ago was that I believe in the Polygynous lifestyle - that of a husband having more than one wife and those wives developing a sisterhood a kinship a trusting and loving friendship with each other. That is something I am realizing I am wanting more and more.

Thank you for allowing me to read about your family I look forward to reading more.


Thank you!


Thank you for your response and for being open about yourself, it was very refreshing! I look forward to building an enjoyable friendship with you.

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Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

Love this Op & Additional Posts !


I realize these are older post , Although as I just read them You all truly sound like Amazing Families and People !
And everyone The OP and the Poster's
Are So Realistic and Clear on Very Real on your Honest Expectations from your selves as well as anyone else !
I am Praying for you that Your Post and Posting Helps you find what you need to fulfill your Lives !
If I weren't already Married .. Lol ! :-)
Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to you too!


That was very kind of you to say! I will pray that you find what you need.


I'm married to "Imthefirst1."

Click on my user name for more information about us.

Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.