A more personal, personal ad

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A more personal, personal ad

The first Personal Ad I posted has about as much life as a repair manual. This was pointed out by one of the other members. Her comments made me feel defensive, and hurt my male ego a little bit. I read her comments, then I reread her comments about five more times and I realiseed she was right. At that point, I almost turned on Netflix and forgot about it, but then I thought, when the show is over I will have nothing to show for it and she will still be right. So I am going to write a more personal, Personal Ad. No, I’m not taking the first one down, because as boring as it is, it still serves a purpose. The first Personal Ad is like that legal disclaimer you hear at the end of some commercials, you know, the part of the commercial where someone talks really fast.

So here I am trying to let you see the inner me.

Here are the basics; I am a middle aged man married to an amazing woman, who has put up with me for more than two decades, and now for some specifics.

One of my most prevailing traits is that I am a builder, transforming a piano into a desk, repairing smartphones and old dressers, are just a few examples. I have a strong love for the Bible. I love to preach, study and listen to the Bible, which is how I got into polygamy in the first place. One of my chiefest passions is my love for children, and I better because I have seven of them. I love to wrestle with the boys, be taught how to make bracelets with rubber bands by my youngest daughter, and one-on-one conversations with each of them about their ideas and dreams, etc. I enjoy stand up comedy, action/drama movies, conservative politics, and history, especially the age of kings, the American Revolution and WWII. I am also an animal lover, my favorites are; dogs, cats and farm animals. I am computer nerd as well, mostly a hardware rather than a software kind of person though.

Growing up was a positive experience for me, even though I come from a broken home. Some of my fondest memories are from the little farm I was raised on, in Northern Illinois, but I also enjoyed, a little too much at times, my time in Alabama. All in all I have lived in eight states, including both east and west coast. In school I got good grades and for a short guy, I played more than my share of high school sports.  Also, I also have very found memories of serving my country in the Navy which is probably why I like ships, eagles, and uniforms.

However, without a doubt my greatest memories are of my wife and children. My wife and I met in college, we started dating a year later and 3 ½ years after that we got married. Some of the things I love most about my wife, besides her good looks are; her faithfulness, because she has been there with me, through thick and thin for 25 years; her genuine desire to please me, which seems to never fail; her trusting nature and the fact that we rarely argue.

In fact, one of the things that motivates me to have another wife is our great relationship. So many people never want to get married again because of a bad experience, but for me it is the exact opposite. I would love to enjoy the same kind of loving relationship with another woman as I have with my first wife. I also would love to have more children. A large family is what I'm used to, and I want more of that. Furthermore, I want my wife and I to experience all the benefits that come from having another loving adult in the home; the friendship, the leadership, and the added security just to mention a few.

So there you have it, hopefully this gives you a better understanding into what makes me tick.

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A beautiful ad. There is a lucky girl out there.


I hope that someone on here reads this see's the beauty of it and relises two important things

1. You learn and take on board what others say
2. That as a family you are genuine and care.

I truly hope you find that happily ever after you seek.

Thank you


Your words are very kind and your help is very appreciated!

I'm married to "Imthefirst1."

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