A more detailed, personal ad

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A more detailed, personal ad

I have now been looking for a second wife for about two years, and I have learned many things in the process. One of the things I've learned is that this search is very time consuming. My goal for this personal ad is to save you and me a lot of time and heartache. If you are not on the same page as me in the major areas this ad covers, then certainly we are not meant to be husband and wife. 


This is my third personal ad, and I believe that it would be in your best interest to read my first two personal ads before reading this one. If you are not interested after reading my first two ads, this ad will certainly not interest you. This personal ad gets a lot more detailed about some areas that are very important to me. My first two personal ads on this site are entitled, "A most basic personal ad," and "A more personal, personal ad." You can find both of these ads under the "track" tab of my profile page. Just click on my user name and you will be taken to my profile.


The first item on this list deals with religion. Please understand that this personal ad is not to most of you. This letter is only to those ladies who might be interested in a relationship with me. I am not trying to take away any ones right to believe the way you want. If you are the type of person who might be offended by someone telling you how to become a Christian, then please do read the next section. 


First, I want to marry a woman who is a Christian. A Christian who knows for sure they are going to heaven when they die. Many churches call it being born again or saved. I believe that salvation is available because Christ paid our sin debt on the cross, not because of how good we may be.  However, I don't believe a Christian can live however they want. Good works are the evidence that a person is a Christian. Christians must do good because Christ commands us to, and good works are a ways for a Christian to show their gratitude for salvation. For me, it is important that my wife/wives have similar religious beliefs, and that my children are raised to love the Lord in the same fashion. My background is in the Baptist denomination, but I don't think it is necessary for my future wives to have the same background. 


Another thing that I am looking for in a wife, is that she is willing to dress modestly. Don't get me wrong, I want you to dress beautiful, but if I'm married to you, I don't want other men to see you putting your body on display. I am not trying to tell any lady how to dress, I'm simply looking for a lady that agrees with me.


Thirdly, I am looking for a lady that is okay with me having more than two wives. I realize having three or more wives is a vary rare thing and I'm okay if it doesn't happen. However, I want wives that are okay with a large plural marriage if God should give that to me. Now don't get me wrong, I think my wives should give me their opinion about a particular women, but I don't want to marry a lady who would be against a potential sister-wife just because she may be number five, etc. Along this same line, I am only interested in a lady that is looking for polygyny.


As far as politics is concerned, I am a conservative and I would like to marry a like minded lady. The two most important issues for me is that you are only pro-life, and pro-America, I want to marry ladies that have a similar world view that I have. If we have similar world views then our children will probably have similar world views, and that's what I'd like. I also believe that if we have similar world views it will save us a lot of conflict. 


Fifthly, I'm looking for woman that believes that spanking children is not wrong. I believe that spanking and beating are very different. I do not think that children need to be spanked often and when they do get spanked they usually only need one swat, I believe that spanking should be on the butt and I do not believe that children should be slapped. 


Lastly, I'm looking for a lady who will strive to take care of her body. I think it is important for parents to try and stay healthy for the families sake. In my opinion husbands and wives should also try to stay attractive for their spouses. No a marriage cannot be built on sex, but sex is a key ingredient to a happy marriage. When it was the norm for men and women to wait till after marriage to have a phyiscal relationship, sex was indeed a strong motivation to get married, and it shouldn't, in my opinion, be a surprise if sex is a strong motivation to have a plural marriage. From my perspective a beautiful lady can come in different shapes, sizes and colors. However, I am 5'6" tall and I weigh about 165lbs (I am trying to lose that extra 20lbs) and I am looking for a woman who is, relatively speaking in that same ballpark.


Just one man's opinion, but I think it would be very helpful, if we all published a lot more details, about what we were looking for in a spouse. We could all save a lot of time, fighting and a whole lot of heartache! Not to mention, many more of us would probably find spouses.


P.S. I think honesty and faithfulness should go without saying.




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