Looking for a Sister Wife

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Looking for a Sister Wife

We are an established family who has been looking for a ister wife for some time now with little succes. I think w have a lot to offer the right person. We are believers and practice our faith sincerely. We love the country and are building a house in the country on some acreage where we will become totally self sufficient. We have three daughters and would welcome anyone's child(ren) as well.

We are easy to get along with and not uptight, but laid back. Yet, we both know how and when to be serious. Looking for the peaceful life and someone else to share it with us. We seek a lifelong commitment but realize that courting will take some time before a commitment can be made. You will find us open and honest with you and expect honesty in return. Respect is mutual and freely given until someone does something to lose it.

Contact us if you would like to live the happy life, dedicated to your family and enjoying the happiness of togetherness in this scary world.