Looking For My Second Christian Wife

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Looking For My Second Christian Wife

My wife loved what I did previously posting everything about me,
But I removed it all, to instead only share with the future second wife I am looking for.


We are both 27 years old,
We are Christians who follow the whole bible.

We are happily married now, and do not have kids yet.
My wife really wanted a sisterwife before kids so she was with us
from the beginning of it all. But seeing how its nearly impossible to find
a serious women, I am going to start having kids by the beginning of 2018.

*We are not getting younger, so that is what is driving this ship, and besides
none of us are promised tomorrow, and God doesn't like us acting like we are*

The questions I would ask a lady that was looking for a family,

Do you believe marriage is for life?
Do you believe in having a big family with atleast 10 kids?
Do you believe a women is to be taken care of by a man?
Do you believe Jesus Christ died for us?
Do you believe God comes first, than family?
Do you believe a women is to submit to a man?
Do you believe a Husband should put his wives and children before himself?

If all of those questions are yes, than we are one of the same, and I would love to meet you.

God bless.

- Cam