Colorado Man looking for a wife

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Colorado Man looking for a wife

So lets start with the truth. I am a 44 year old white man I have four kids from previous marriages. one works for Microsoft. one is a sophmore in HS and is in Cheerleading need i say more and two young kids ages 4 and 2. I do not smoke or drink or do drugs. 

I am very honest in fact a lot of people will call me a dick because I speak so honest. I have my opinions and i will speak them. I jhave no tolerance for PC. I feel if you cant tell the truth how can people actually trust you. I believe in the Lord, but I do not go to church like a lot people think you should. I pray every day to the lord but never for myself always for someone one else. 

I am trying to earn my MBA and study for the CPA exam. I prefer to be home i hate leaving the house just to hang out at some place else. I love flea markets, garagage sales and auctions. 

I guess you could think of me as a cross of Cliff Clavin and and Jim Belushi and with a little of carla Tortelli(without being a woman). yes these are TV characters but if you know who they are then you can piece me together. if not then learn to google. LOL

The woman I am seeking understands that we are partners and that the Lord has to play a role with us in our true success. That communication and trust and honesty are the only wey we can be. While I say what happens in my house should stay in our house. I believe that when it comes to the privacy of our house and family we must be able to live the life that we choose to have I also not believe to speak out of turn. Does that make sense?

I hope to find you. If not then I will keep looking and I wish you luck in finding what you arre seeking.