Bi Cute Couple

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Bi Cute Couple

We are a submissive bi couple. Im am a fem sub male , i love to dress up . She is very cute tall and skinny, also she is sexual and submissive. We would like to meet a dominate family that we can serve. We currently live in SW Florida.. If interested we can talk more

bi couple


this is not a sex site, so please change your picture to a non-sexual, normal picture or no picture at all. it would also be appreciated if your personal on here was not about sex.

thank you

Here to talk to friends. I am pro-poly, but am not seeking.

To me picture is borderline pornography


This site is the living room of the owners. Would no couple stand in the living room of sage or Neal dressed that way? I think not.

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This site seems to allow all sorts of pervs, they might fit right in

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