Any Success Stories?

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Any Success Stories?

My wife and I have been looking for our 2nd wife (my 2nd, her sister wife). Truth be told, there are a lot of websites that claim to over personal ads for finding this, but do any of you know of, or have had success with these type of sites? I just wonder. Thanks.

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Not many success stories


And I have long suspected that people living polygyny, would probably be busy enough interacting with the real people in their lives, that they would have little need to participate in an online forum.

That said, I have met people on this forum, and other forums, that are in successful plural marriages.

I hope you enjoy the journey, because destinations are not a known element. It may happen for you tomorrow, or you may seek without finding for many years.

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Sixes n eights


I've known a few men who have found wives on line and have succeeded at real marriage. They are unusual men and have what it takes to live plural marriage, which most men are not capable of, even if their egos tell them they are. For whatever reason they found the needle in the haystack. For every case like that there are hundreds who can't find a suitable girl, take in an unsuitable girl (and it ends in disaster such as wife #1 leaving, or the girl leaves or both, or the girl's friends come over a few weeks later and steal everything but your bed and underwear, and you never see her again unless there's a court date)~~~ So, encapulating, don't get your hopes up. If you can't find a girl in person then your chances of doing so online (where your charm, intelligence, manners, strength and other attributes are invisible) are pretty much nill. 17 years experience here and have yet to find the right girl..

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The Pleasant Life
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A half success


Dear Fellow Poly Community.

Though it may not be the kind of successtory you are talking about I would like to share that I have found my wife on this site.

An extra-ordinary woman who in all manners find herself in the most happy situation ever.  Together we have found a sister for her, who is joining us bit by bit as educational circumstances allows. My wife had never had a bi-sexual relationship before but now she is so eager to be lead to this part of her sexuallity.

I believe the other contributors on this comment are equally right.. as with any sort of relationship there is never an easy way. It requires commitment, honesty and straight-forwardness and not least the abitlity to compromise.. It can all be the way you want it, just because you would like it too ;)


For a Pleasant Life in the comfort and security of devotion

On the way to success hopefully


I can say that myself and my potential family are headed in the right direction.  We met online and have had a few recent weekend visits in person and things are going really well so far.  We seem to really connect, my potential sister wife is very warm and welcoming and we have a lot in common and we are starting to build a great friendship.  My potential husband is great so far, not only in his treatment of me, but I love watching how he interacts with his current wife and children.  I learn so much from just watching regarding family dynamics and how each person relates to each other and how I fit in to the mix.  The children are really open to the idea and have already latched onto the idea of me as their potential new mom; even the teenaged daughter I'm told connects more with me than her parents.  They are surprised at how open she is to me, and even simple things like how she was sure to be home from her friend's house to say goodbye to me before I left my most recent visit.  I feel very welcomed there, already feel like part of the family, and am already trying to see how I fit into the picture. 

This lifestyle is very new to me and something I would have never imagined for myself (I have always only been in monagomous relationships in the past and had never considered a plural relationship before) but I am glad I have decided to go into this open-mindedly and try to embrace it because it could be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I am so looking forward to seeing where this journey leads!

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A Non-Online Success Story


Our family is made up of 1 husband, 2 wives, 2 beautiful children, and 2 more on the way. We joined this forum as a way to connect with other polygamous families, though we haven't had much luck with that it has been nice speaking with others who have the desire to live this way. Us wives met Thomas in a very traditional way (met in person, dated, got engaged, married) and our marriages are strong and we are happy. I must add that without a calling from God this lifestyle will not lead to happiness. It's work, but it's so incredibly worth it.