Is this a Dead End ?

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Is this a Dead End ?

Hi , So my question is this .
Is the Mormon Polygamy link Totally Dead on 4 the Family Site ?
I am Born and raised And rasied my Kids as well in the Main Stream Mormon Church .
I am however a PRO POLY Person.
I have tried to start up others under this Thread to at least Visit like I tried for Christmas time. Thankfully one other did post ! :-)
Unfortunately it appears that anything else although They Were exceptionally Great posts before . They however appear to be yrs old.
So I am just wondering if I personally am Wasting my time checking this thread of 4 the Family Site , I MEAN on the Mormon Polygamy belief spot on here ?
Thanks for any responses from other Mormons of any belief under the Mormon Beliefs .

Thank you


I just wanted to say Thanks to those of you that have Been able to get in touch with me ! :-)
I Truly Appreciate it very much ! :-)