Starting a mormon fundamentalist church in Brazil

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Starting a mormon fundamentalist church in Brazil

Since there are still no mormon fundamentalist churches in Brazil, I'd like to know if anyone has a model constitution and bylaws for me to found a Brazilian mormon fundamentalist church. Thanks.

I can see the desire.


I can see the desire to want to organize a church. Coming from a background in "fundamentalism" and my wife coming from the "church" She, for more reasons than I can be nostalgic. Especialy for the social side of things. However I do agree with the technical side of what Here-I-am stated. For me personally I can't help but wonder how we as "fundamentalists" are supposed to live the gospel or move forward in it with out compromising our beliefs. I've seen alot of people come and go; as far as from the church back to one fundy group or another. They say they want the gospel in its fullest but.. on the other hand like/need the structure of the church. And of course there is no way that the church is going to condone one with beliefs such as these, let alone actually living them.

Perhaps we put too much on labels. Lets say if me and a bunch of other guys who believed the same, and we all met somewhat regularly to discuss the gospel and teach our children these things, would I say "whoa! were now a church. I want no part of this" or would I be happy that I have a place to raise my kids with other like minded folks with out fear of repercussion from the "leadership".

Blah blah blah.. that being said.. I wish you the best of luck on the continent to the south.

Enjoy the study of


family organization


Yep, we got boxed up pretty good didn't we.  Not 'sposed tah do this, not 'sposed tah do that, looking for "keys" under rocks in the frog pond and stuff.

You don't need to claim to be anything but a family, or a group of friends.  You can pray together, read scriptures and stuff.  Go on with life the best you know.   Try to do what you can for the Church, for as long as you can.  Don't quarrel on your way out if they give you the boot.  They can't do it any other way.


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Ecclesia is the Greek word from which the KJV translation word "church" comes from, and is defined as "the called out ones"..

I'm not LDS but last I checked we have the same bible.. Yashua said "wherever two or more are together in my Name, there shall I be also"..

A church is not a building

Psalm 144:1  Blessed be Yahweh my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight