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Hello Everyone! I'm very interested in learning more about the AUB faith. I was born and raised in a different faith, but seven years I converted to the LDS Church. After my conversion, I've moved to Utah. For the last three years, I've only heard negative things about the AUB. ALl of these people were LDS, or Mormons. I do not think that this is Christ like. So, I live in Salt Lake City, and I want to learn more about this faith. I feel a burning desire that I need to learn about this faith. Please contact me with the location and the times that the AUB meet. Thank you!

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investigate and see for yourself.

there are open public meetings on Sundays about 2:30 pm. Go to the memorial on Redwood Road near the Utah/Salt Lake County line, and take the road downhill, hanging left on the forks, to the bottom. Well, I can't guarantee "open" totally, as not very many people just go like that without having somebody show them the way. smile, shake hands, introduce yourself and ask if there's some seventy who could talk to you after the meeting and answer your questions. . . .



Does AUB have an official website or any other PM LDS groups other than FLDS?

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Hey there,

I have gone a similar path.. I was a memeber of the LDS church for 8 years and even served a mission.
I heard about the AUB and saw for myself after I, like you, heard a lot of negative things.

So you should go there and mingle. Usually people are friendly yet a little distanced because it is not very common for strangers just to pop in out of the blue being sincerely interested.

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