New here and very interested in joining the A U B

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New here and very interested in joining the A U B

Hello, My wife and I have been interested in joining the A U B. We are curious as to the best path to take to join the AUB? Any info or help would be very much appreciated.

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Also very interested in joining the Apostolic United Brethren


I have also been interested in joining the Apostolic United Brethren. I would also appreciate the help.



j/L "Granny" Matrika (Matrika52)i've tried to contact them, via their snail-mail address to one of the churches in UT, which only had a snail-mail address or that's all i could find in my google search - and that was 2-3 mos. ago and they've never even given me the courtesy of a reply - possibly, though, they are inundated with requests for info, due to the Sister-Wives T V show. Or maybe they still believe they need to be an "underground" movement. i don't know - i do know it's frustrating. i thought it was written that "(S)He who seeks shall find" -or so it says in my Scriptures. i'm currently an LDS widow - not interested in any kind of marriage, as i promised my late Soul-Mate/Spouse that even though He was not the first (i am a convert, as was He), that He'd be my last. This is for many pragmatic reasons as well as that it felt spiritually right. However i feel like i have a Sister-Wife in the eternities, as His 3d wife died and i've given permission for her to be sealed to Him in the Temple. And i do not understand why divorced men can remain sealed to their ex and remarry in the Temple. or a widower can be sealed to his late wife and take another to be sealed in the Temple, or, as in my case a living wife can get her late (convert) Husband sealed to a late wife that died before she came into the situation, etc. Yet for everyone ELSE, polygamy is a cause to be thrown out of the LDS Church. i really do not get that!

j/L "Granny" Matrika (Matrika52)

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Matrika52 before we left a


Matrika52 before we left a seventy asked for our e mail to e mail us. We have not heard a peep from him. Not sure why.

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I belong to a group outside of the AUB and would love to help you and your wife get information and contacts or the missionaries if you are interested. Mormon Adam is also a part of our branch it is more welcoming then the AUB as I have attended meetings there.

We are a loving spiritual couple that strongly believes in plural marriage. We love getting to know other like minded people and expanding our knowledge and friends. We would like a second wife, but that is in Gods hands. Bless you all.

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Hello all Just wanted to


Hello all

Just wanted to update everyone, I just returned from Utah and they were super friendly to us but do not want their members using the web to talk about them at all. They made it clear only the Seventies have the right to give infomation out. All the Seventies were very nice and welcoming to my family. They are very aware of the government over stepping with the NSA and encourage their members to watch everything that is said online.

My wife and I now know where we will be moving next year. We have done a lot of praying and God has opened doors for us.




I too am interested in joining the AUB. Do you know how I can get in touch with them?