Mormon Fundamentalist beliefs

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Mormon Fundamentalist beliefs

I am interested in learning about Mormon Fundamentalists. I currently still attend my mainstream LDS church with my children. I believe the government had no right to tell us we couldn't practice polygamy and believe in living this principle. I have talked to someone in the AUB a little bit, but would like to know more about Fundamentalist beliefs, especially pertaining to plural marriage. Like what kind of wedding ceremony do you have? Is it performed by someone with sealing authority? Do you have formal church services? With others or at home? Do you believe in the authority and prophet of the LDS church? Lots more questions! I understand there are several groups out there claiming priesthood authority and would like to learn more about them. If you're not comfortable posting about your beliefs, please email me. I am very serious about wanting to learn, and to find my forever family. Thank you!

Also wanting info


If you have gotten any good info I would love to have it. I have been wanting to learn everything that you have posted. If you have any luck would you mind sending me anything to Thank you!

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I am looking for the same answers. Can you let me know what you learn. It seems to be hard to get some of those answers when you don't know where to start looking

Interested in Same


I'm also a member of the mainstream LDS Church and am curious to learn more about the different break-offs. I would like to have an honest conversation/exchange with someone who is either practicing in one of these or knows them well. I tend to be progressive on many issues, which is why I have an open mind about plural families. But I am trying to understand what other beliefs our religious break-offs retained: not everything in the mainstream institution are things that seemed right. I just feel plural marriage is one that is perplexing because other than following the law of the land there's no reason to condemn plural families, which then brings us to the question of whether we agree with the law of the land (not saying I do). Anyway, does anyone know much about, for example, the Centennial Park Group? I have a lot of questions just like Ashke. Is there a dialog focused on this that I am missing here?



My experiences with Fundies (FLDS) (AUB) (Righteous branch) etc...have been ongoing for many years simply because I have either associated with them or worked with them or lived near them for most of my life.

You can read on wickipedia and other sites about their beliefs, those websites are fairly accurate.

The reason you can't seem to find anyone that is active in those groups to talk is because they are EXPLICITLY instructed to NOT speak to strangers about their faith on-line. To them , to speak publically is simply 'wrong'.

AUB and others will allow 'new converts' , but you have to find someone to link to in person and then go from there. I, myself, can't really refer you to anyone, because those persons would find it 'uncomfortable' to speak to a stranger that is not referred by another member, which I am NOT.

I've always been on the outside looking in. I've had some very long discussions with a few, but they were occasions that 'just happened'.

They all basically operate under the same premise: The LDS church is wrong for not promoting polygamy and that their group received the correct 'priesthood authority' to continue the practice. Other than that, you can get more detail from wickipedia.

VERY few of those groups make any sense at all, (in my opinion). Alot of contradiction of history and also between themselves, which casts doubt on all of them as far as I percieve anyway.

I've considered joining one of them, more for the social aspect than anything else, but , I personally can't get past the ultra-orthodox practices which divide each group from the others. (We're right, so the others are wrong).

good luck!