Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

Thought I would Make a Post Only to those that Are LDS Faith ! Of Course That means FLDS ! :-)
What Christmas Traditions does your Family Have ?
Do all Kids And Wives and Husband Get together for Christmas Morning ?
Or if you do not live with your Wife's in the Same Exact Home Constantly , Then How does Everyone Spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning or Day ?
In your Family House hold , Do the Sw give each other Gifts ?
Or do you like to keep that at the Wives giving to the Husband of the House Hold ? And him to them or Separate ?
Of course Many Families will do this a bit different as Any ! :-)
This year our Kids Chose to Buy or Do something nice for each other !
Most years the Kids pick There Siblings Name out of a Hat ! :-)
And always Everyone does something in Giving or Spending Time with People we maynot know at all . We do not Speak of it unless it is something we are doing together.
Other wise it is a Given that it has been done and at least for my Kids ( As they are older)
We can Sure see it on there Faces And the Jump in there Step if they have been able to do this ! :-)
Merry Christmas !

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


I read scriptures.£pray and sing hymns or Christmas Carols with my wife and family.




Gondolier ,
Hi , That's Really Great ! It's Always Fun for me to Hear From other's in this Forum , And the Different ways people do there Traditions ! :-)
On New year's eve. We have celebrated differently over the Years .
Of Course for my Family there is 0 Drinking / Smoking ! I suppose that should go without saying ? Lol
But We are Always with Family ! But not exclusively if Anyone would like Friends or Cousin's or ?? Over then the More the Merrier ! :-) this Year It was To low key for me :-)
But Who ever can actually make it (Staying awake ) we Play Games and Watch movies !
Then just Before Midnight We Turn on the T.V. Or PC to watch the Ball Drop from the East Coast Count down ! Also for anyone that may have fallen asleep. Then we give them a chance to see if they can wake up enough to Bring in the New Year ! And we Hug each other and Yell Happy New Year !
Then Go outside To Set off (If we have any fireworks ) and Watch around at other peoples Large FireWork Displays ! :-) but we Never Drive after 10pm on New Year Eve.
This Year we Only had those Store "Little Kids Firework " there those "Pop its" But we had Alot of Fun with them.
Then We ask each other our New year's Resolutions !
As soon as it hits 12:45AM I Typically Have Everyone All Settled down for the remainder of the Night lol , Well Sorta I know everyone is still Visiting and Playing around lol
But I am all done by then ha ! :-)
So To Low key for me personally this Year ! :-)
But we all Enjoyed it and We Love bringing in the New Year with Every Single person Happy and Smiling ! :-)
Today we are all Exhausted ! :-)