Joe Darger interviewed on the BBC

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Joe Darger interviewed on the BBC

The Nolan Show is a late night program, broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live. Friday 2oth January 2011, host Stephen Nolan interviewed Joe Darger. A longish interview, and quite good. Nolan's incredulity is interesting. The interview does not appear at the beginning of the program, but about halfway in. You should be able to get it up on the BBC iPlayer:

Hand Of Gold
A complete link might be nice???


could not find interview..

need a more complete link.. plz

Link OK


Hi Hand of Gold,

the link works but you probably have to live in the UK or it will be blocked. The link goes to the BBC iplayer and the radio show called the Nolan Show. All the information about it is posted in the original post. You can listen to it if you know how to use a proxy, just find a free UK proxy (some browsers will allow you to switch IPs) and visit the link through that. You can google "how to watch BBC iplayer from USA" for a walk through on getting around regional blocks.