Scamers on 4thefamily

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Scamers on 4thefamily

Just FYI I have been approached by two women one claiming to be living in Sweden that sent me a letter talking about African art and that she is going to Tongo soon I expect to hear back that she needs some money for some reason or another. Another one did the old my dead husband has some money stashed and I need your help to get it out. It seems some folks from Africa have found this web site and are trying to exploit it.. just be for warned and has anyone else had anything like this happen. David Starr

scammers on 4thefamily


I, too, received a letter today about a rich woman on the brink of death from cancer whose deceased husband had amassed certain millions and blah blah blah.

I really wish we could track these leeches through their digital pathways and find out who they are and then take their computers away. After a dozen or so computers, it might actually be more expensive to be a spamming piece of merd than what they bring in from the gullible.

FYI, if anyone wants to give you millions and you believe it, you are a mark and about to be taken for everything they can get from you. Wake up and ignore these thieves.


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I know of someone who has a server that is capable and does track and reataliate against spammers, eather taking their computers or just their internet connections down. Unfourtunetly such a thing is not readily availible to everyone.

For now common sense must prevail. Too bad people are doing it here though.

Ha, I checked my junk mail and I got one too. Yay, I'm spamworthy.

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Hi All

Sorry about the scam/spam letters. If y'all will please drop a note in the feedback area I'll get them and delete them ASAP. These folks have yahoo addresses so it is most difficult to tell what they are up to till they spend an afternoon sending the emails. This is not an automated spam-bot but rather a person, pick and choosing who to send to.

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We have had three of these


We have had three of these in the past month or so. Two of them were the "inherited a million dollars" type of thing, and one was a longer term con where they send a few letters first before asking for money.

I was nearly scammed


Only mine was a little more involved. "She" approached me, and became my "friend", corresponded for 2 months, a few times a week. Then "she" became ill, and a week later her "clinic" asked for money. I found an on-line african phonebook, and learned that the phone number for the "clinic" was fake. (She was from "Togo" but they were really from somewhere else)

Doesn't matter... we don't have any money to send

These are called "Romance Scams" and you can find lots of info by googling.

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this person is a totally fake person she sent us 3 pictures that didn’t look alike and Absolutely refuse to prove that she was the person talking on the other end of the line please delete this person permanently

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