WoW I am so happy and excited to have found this site!

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WoW I am so happy and excited to have found this site!

Hey everyone, my name is Abbie and I'm 19 from northern Michigan.. Being interested in polygamy is one thing..actually finding others interested in it is HARD, that's why I was so excited when I found this site. I was 13 when HBO started airing Big Love and I was obsessed with the series and knew right away that is how I wanted to live. I haven't found anyone else who wants this type of life but I do know, I will not settle until I find what I'm looking for.



Welcome to the site. How is the weather up in northern Michigan? Down here in the capital city, Lansing, its just cold and some snow. But yeah, welcome to the site and come into the chatroom here and there are some great people in here as well that could answer any questions you might have in regards to plural marriage.

Take Care

Eric and Nicole

dancing_hearts (not verified)
Thanks for welcoming me! I'm


Thanks for welcoming me! I'm in Alpena..we have had snow,rain,snow and that makes for very icy roads, however, today we was blessed to see the sun shine! I will for sure check out the chatroom =)

Yeah, Nemo left us with a


Yeah, Nemo left us with a bit of snow - around 6 inches but most of its gone now, so that is good. Yeah, come into the chatroom sometime because we do need more Michigan people representing plural :)

Have a great evening

Nicole and Eric

Welcome we are new too but


Welcome we are new too but know what we are looking for. What are you looking for and not willing to settle without?

Tim and miranda

Welcome! So what is it you


Welcome! So what is it you are exactly looking for? If you dont mind me asking.


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Very interested in chatting and finding out if the possibility is there . Were in PA


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4 years


4 years since the OP was here and was probably a fake or game player to begin with  

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We (Richard and Stephanie) are new to this site, but we are excited about the possibility of finding our second wife here...