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Hello all,

We used to be here several years ago. Been a long time since we have logged in.

Since that time we have continued to observe, learn and grow as individuals, and in out relationship. 

As for looking for another; If some one shows up we clique with and can have a, "meeting of the minds," we are open to the possibilites.

Blessings to all


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To be clear


I am here because this is the last place I remember being able to discuss, scriptures, ethics, and life, and where men, and women could challenge and sharpen one another.

To me there was a sense of community, and helpfulness. I miss the days of my youth when one could make a challenging statement, ask challenging questions Without it being taken as an attack or being concerned about political correctness so I returned here.

I have a wonderful wife whom I love dearly, treats me with great respect, and makes our wellbeing her priority. Peace

The simpler the better.

Seek first to understand. Then, to be understood.