Never Imagined Myself Here...

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Never Imagined Myself Here...

Hi Everyone, 

Another newbie here, but one that really ever imagined ever needing a forum for support about polygamy and plural marriage but yet here I am... I never envisioned plural marriage to be an option for me in the past and quite frankly all I knew about it was what I saw on "Sister Wives" or other documentaries and always thought it was great for them that they were happy but not something I could ever see myself doing but all of that changed recently... 

I met a man and his wife that have been married for 20 years but are now looking for a sister wife. The sister wife idea was actually the wife's idea even after them being married for so long because she can no longer have children and they wanted a lot of them, she wants the friendship that comes with a sister wife, and various other reasons.  The more they discussed it, the more they agreed it was a lifestyle for them.  Now insert me, I am a single woman who just ended a monogamous relationship a few months ago, have only a history of monogamous relationships, and thought I was only seeking monogamous relationship until I began talking to this couple.  We met through an online singles website where the husband actually responded to my post with the idea of my being a potential sister wife.  I'm not honestly sure why I even entertained the thought but the more I started to speak to him the more we hit it off, and as I've been speaking with her she and I have a lot in common and have been getting along quite well also. 

When I think of their reasoning for a plural marriage I can understand why they would be interested and can say the more I have thought about it, the more I would consider it for the same reasons, the want of a big family, the want of the quality relationship with a man but also with the added benefit of the potential best friend that could come with the sister wife relationship, sharing all things, the extra support of the family, etc.  The funny thing is the more I have thought about it in terms of what I would envision an ideal plural marriage to look like if I were to enter that realm, the more their vision is the same as mine.  It is interesting that even though I am younger than them, we have such similar outlooks on life, communication, family, love, etc.  It is also interesting how my interests even meld well with theirs (he and I share similar interests that she and he do not, and I share similar interests with her that he and she do not).  It almost seems so far like I would be a pretty good fit to the puzzle that they are hoping to complete. 

It is not what I imagined for me or my life until potentially now, and watching it on television is one thing but now potentially living it is something else.  I am not taking the decision lightly at all, but have millions of questions, thoughts, and feelings to sort out about it, how it potentially might fit into my life, how to nurture these budding relationships through courtship if it is what we chose, how to build that plural marriage relationship (I would be the second and only other wife they would like) and how it fits in with my Christian faith, how to deal with issues that may arise within the relationships of husband and sister wife, and so many other questions.  

The more I talk to them, honestly, the more I have come to like them and possibly the idea of becoming part of their family.  They live almost three hours away from me in another state and I plan on visiting them soon to meet in person and spend time together, but it is also so new and nervously exciting to me because it would be such a major life change for me in so many ways.   I guess I am here to seek greater understanding, guidance and support as I embark on potentially exploring this new journey.  

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Polygynyy is not only biblical, but part of the kingdom plan. Read around this site

Psalm 144:1  Blessed be Yahweh my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight

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Another good Christian site