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Hi there!

I'm a biracial (black, white) SF, never married, catlover, childless, and I've been in a relationship before where another female and I were engaged to the same man, but things did not work out due to the other woman's jealousy issues and immaturity. I am seeking a couple, mid 30s to late 40s, where the wife and I would be friends/sisters, and I would be the second wife to the husband. I'm not much for religion so am admitting it upfront. I am not the 'life of the party' but more reserved, and I enjoy mostly home activities, and being out in nature. I pretty much practice a healthy lifestyle and am a size 9. If you'd care to contact me, please don't hesitate to do so. Thank you.

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hello how are you i just


hello how are you i just turned 30 and my hubby is turning 37 this month what all would you be looking for

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couple in texas


Hey there! Hope you are well..just wanted to make an intro.
We are a couple in texas. We are seeking a nice woman to "marry" us and be a part of our happy, loving home. We are not wanna be's or fakes and would like to meet a nice lady who is fun, smart, loving
and drama free.
send us your email and we will contact you.
BTW do to privacy issues we have not posted pics of us here, but we are
happy to email you a g rated picture or tow so you can see what we look like.


Hello, Are you in the bay



Are you in the bay area? If so email me so we can explore our options.