hello y'all

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hello y'all

allow myself to introduce...myself.

My name is JD. I am 32 "white" (in quotes because technically I'm peach or tan). I am German, Italian, Irish, and English aka a Euro mutt. I love to cook and have fun.
currently I am single and just stumbled across this site I didn't know there were places like this.

I am looking for a couple of wives to start a family with. Like I said I'm 32 and it's time for me to settle down and have a family.

I am a bit of a nerd/geek. I love sci-fi movies and TV shows. I am a big Star Trek fan, and a member of an international Star Trek fan group called The Klingon Assault Group (KAG). I will be going to my first con this may and looking forward to having a blast.

Right now I work for a plastic manufacturing company, and I work long hours. Like 60+ hours a week. So you can see how much time I have to date. However, my goal is to own my own business, possibly a restaurant given I have 6 years restaurant management experience and a love of cooking. I have an awesome recipe for a poached salmon with an orange hollandaise sauce. So delicious.

I am an amateur linguist I speak English, Spanish, German, Russian and (yes you should have seen this coming) Klingon, all to different degrees. I know some phrases in Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian. Oh did I mention I like to sing? No? Well I do, and do it fairly well too. I like to karaoke. I also like to sing Italian opera such as O Sole Mio, La Donna e Mobile etc.

I am also a practicing pagan. I understand that can be scary for some of you, but my spirituality is not so different than yours. I am not necessarily looking for pagan wives it's hard enough just to come by women who are wanting to be in a polygyny relationship. If a woman turns out to be pagan so much the better. But my love is not offered on the condition that we share a spiritual practice.

well I believe I have rambled on long enough. If any ladies here are interested in talking to me please feel free to contact me.

Qapla' (Klingon for Success)

wishing you all
Strength and Honor