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Hello everyone!

So I grew up LDS, my wife gre up in the RLDS/Restoration Branch and joined the LDS CHruch in her late teen years.

I have always had an interest in polygamy as a historic practice, thought it was a great idea.  Recently, my wife has decided that she really wants a sister wife.  Turns out she is bisexual! 

We have been exploring the possibility for over  ayear, and she really wants to move forward with it.

I have been joining Polygamy and Polyamory forums and reading sites to learn more about it, so as to move forward in as educated way as possible.

Good to be here and learn from you all!



greetings.. my name is Wendy. iam 29 yr old single female in florida. i teach 3rd grade there. iam looking to join a loving family that want's a bi sexual 2nd wife/sisterwife. id love to talk more with you. if you'd like to e mail me,id be happy to send pictures and more info.      W_Mitchell29@aol.com