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I created this account on behalf of my family :) We are a small, young polygamist family looking for a community of like-minded individuals to discuss this lifestyle with. Because this is an introduction post I guess I'll post a little bit about us.
​Thomas is the fearless leader of our family and at only 23 he's quite the lucky man (if I do say so myself and I'm sure my sister wife agrees). He works hard to provide for our family as the manager of a restaurant.
​I'm Elle, the first wife. I'm 21 and Thomas and I have been married for 2 years now. I work alongside Thomas at the restaurant and am notorious for being the worst cook in the family.
​Sam is the second wife. She's 20 and Thomas and Sam have been married for just under a year now. Sam is a student and is currently studying Elementary Education in the hopes of someday being a Kindergarten teacher.
​Thomas was raised in a plural home while both Sam and I were raised in mainstream LDS families. While we both came to the lifestyle in different ways, the ultimate sealing of the deal was Thomas, I don't think any of us could have chosen a better way to live. The topic of another wife has obviously come to light in more than a few conversations and we all agree to let God lead and whatever happens, happens.
​We currently have no children, but that's the goal for 2017. Currently taking the place of children in our home are 2 rambunctious bunnies who keep us plenty busy and who provide more than enough messes for us to clean up.

​I think that's enough about us for now, but we would love to chat with you, so if you're also a plural family or are interested in entering a plural family, we'd love to hear from you and about your experiences!

​Much love!