Leadership Education style schooling

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Leadership Education style schooling

Our family has been very pleased with a style of homeschooling called "Leadership Education" or "Thomas Jefferson Education". It is based on a series of phases that the child goes through with rough age boundaries. These stages are : Learning to live Younger children learning how to live, obey rules, get along with others, share, serve, etc. Learning to Love Learning Letting the children learn how to learn whatever they are interested in, allowing their natural curiosity to mature and create a deep love of learning itself as well as the skills of how to learn. Scholar Phase Turning the older child loose to dive into more formal learning and spend their time voluntarily as self motivated individuals seeking to round themselves out in all areas. We have been doing this for a couple of years with totally AMAZING results! Many times a trip to town is not accompanied by the children loading up on encyclopedias to take along and read. Often we find ourselves needing to tell the children to STOP reading so they can do other things. It is simply amazing! Here is the link to the official website for those interested: http://www.tjed.org/

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