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I got to say

My wife and me started watching this show off amazon. We are on season 2 ep 8 "Kingdom Come" and so far the shows been ok. It is odd how much of it reflects on what is really happening or has occurred. Here is the downside of shows like this. You get a Influx of woman thinking polygamy is a good idea or their answer to their problems of not being able to hold a good relationship. They think "well if I can’t keep a man full time maybe I can keep him part time" or "I don't want a family full time, I dont want responsibilities of raising kids, I want to be a Career woman, my sister wife can watch the kids". They miss the point that this is not a lifestyle or choice, but it's a religious calling with polygamy/plural marriage being a commandment given by the lord. The reason for plural marriage is to bring down souls and have as many children as God blesses one with. The man should be like Bill in this show. Faithful and a man who puts God first. The woman should be like the woman in this show following the man and committed to their mormon faith. Over all this is one of the shows out there we enjoy. They could do with out the sex scenes and it would have been better. Cant wait to see what happends next :) Five stars out of five.



I have written a bit about Big Love. One of the main things for me was that parts of our life, which we never expected to see play out on a tv show, are playing out. Several scenes - like Barb at her mom's wedding and getting outed, yup, happened to me.

There have been several times the show has moved me to tears.

I am not advocating for the over dramatic, sexualized, non-functional family, but it started a conversation around water coolers across the country.



Big Love opened up dialogue and brought not only many genuine seekers of Polygamy but also many Allies. I have a feeling that a lot more people are in favour of Polygamists being left alone after Big Love, than there was before the show was aired.

"I want to be a Career woman, my sister wife can watch the kids"

It is interesting you saying that because many, MANY Mormon fundamentalist women I have seen interviewed have said that is precisely why living Plural Marriage is such a good idea.

"The woman should be like the woman in this show following the man and committed to their mormon faith."


Bill married non Mormons....

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True but the wives need to


True but the wives need to agree on who will work if there are more then one who wants to work. Looking at income would be a large factor. I've talked to woman right away that say I'm not staying at home, no way no how. A marriage is about working things out as a team and a woman who is not willing to bend for the family or be a mother is infact not a mother at all but a selfish person. :) I would bend for the family when it is needed and I would expect that of any other entering my family.

Bill married a non mormon? Do you mean the young wife margee ? At least she converted.



Some women ARE career women, it is important to their identity. If you watch sw, one of them is a career woman and NO one is more dedicated to her family or committed to PM than she is. If you don't want a career minded wife don't marry one, but saying that they don't understand the needs of family is not true and is disrespectful.

If it is ONLY looking at income, than that would be biased against women whose career path or job choice gives them a lower income regardless of job satisfaction and that is not fair on them. Leave the career women alone if you don't want one, there are plenty of women out there who prefer not to work.

I'd point out that a woman's


I'd point out that a woman's priorities can change as well. My wife's single largest concern about poly is that a new wife, if and when we have children, would want to effectively displace her as the primary caregiver for the kids, and specifically in the area of homeschooling. She's very invested in the kids education, especially as our older boy is now in high school and she wants to prepare him for college.

She knows that even if a woman is very career minded, having a baby can alter that drastically. We've had a few friends who kind of gave her a hard time when she decided to quit teaching in schools and stay home with the kids, but then those same women couldn't bring themselves to go back to work after having their own children.

My thought is that if a woman really is a good fit for the family, then all involved would be willing to compromise and work together to make sure everyone is as happy as possible. If that means one wife working full time to persue a career while another one handles domestic management, cool. If it means both wives end up working part time, and we all share domestic things, also fine. If it means stretching my income so neither wife has to work, and we have the most actively loved children in the state, also fine.

Perhaps it sounds naive, but I truely believe that love, teamwork, and a genuine desire for the other's happiness can overcome a lot.

Thanks for the review! We


Thanks for the review!

We sat down to start the show one night and were kind of turned off by the first episode. There was way more sex than I expected, and while I'm not against sex represented in shows, it seemed like it didn't really serve too much purpose. Maybe the point was just to reinforce that his marriages were marriages in every sense of the word. Plus it seemed there was a fair amount of contention between the wives, which didn't sound like much fun to watch.

I think Sage made a comment somewhere else that the overt sexuality toned down after a bit, was that your experience as well Deep?

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At first my wife put this


At first my wife put this show on and after seeing the sex we turned it off. Then one night when nothing else was on we gave it another chance and the story is pretty good. My wife found it amusing/funny the episode where Nicky gets upset that the Catholic Church is pushing their faith on one of the children. Oddly enough we seen that one after getting into it with my very catholic grandmother who told me and my wife we joined a cult and our souls would be doomed. Last night we watched one where there was a strong sex scene with the younger wife Margie. Most of the shows are toned down but the last one wasn’t. They also shot the leader at the compound and right away we thought they got that from when Allred was shot.

Tonight we will watch Circle the wagons EP 9

I think people should give it a chance the show really does grow on you. I'm on season two so things can change where I hate the show all together. For now I am glad I gave it a second chance.

We watch it when the kids are sleeping though because you never know what will pop up.