we need your advice

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we need your advice

For those in this lifestyle  how is it working for you and your wives?  We are researching....considering....trying to decide if it is right for both of us. We would appreciate any feedback you all have.  Sam is on board and really does love the idea of plural living.  Lindsey is slightly hesitant and needs to know how the ladies really deal with sharing their husband.  Specifically how you deal with jealousy issues when they arise.  How do the ladies not feel lonely the nights their husband has gone into another bed for the night?  

We also have discussed a brother husband..which Sam is also no opposed to.  His concerns with this is one husband getting the short end of the stick if Lindsey's body needs a break.  Women are not designed like men.

There will be a lot of questions and we do not want to offend anyone or anyone's lifestyle. We are here to learn because we both love each other dearly and want to meet one another's needs.  Please be kind.  Ask us anything you want...just be respectful.

We are not doing this for religous reasons.  We do attend church.  We live in the bible belt and both come from very conservative families.  Lindsey is a stay at home mom and has a small buiness she runs from the house.  Sam is college educated and has a very good job that he is passionate about.  We have kids  but do not want any more.  If we decide we are ready we would be searching for sister wife or brother husband that has either no kids or grown kids that are not living in the home.  As we get older and our kids get closer to leaving home we have realized we are a little selfish and will enjoy ourselves greatly when the kids have left the nest.